OUTRIDERS – Technomancer Build

OUTRIDERS Technomancer Build

Welcome to our OUTRIDERS Technomancer Build guide! We have prepared all the details for you. Necromancer deck and theory for infinite loop runs! All chapters! We will update it again, follow us!

Endgame Technomancer (Pestilence DPS)

Definitions and Requirements

Technomancer Build

When is “Endgame”

Endgame is considered when you are reaching Tier 10+ Expeditions / Towards Tier 15 Expeditions, regular World Tier 10 – 15 and storyline is not considered engame.

What is required for this build?

All Sniper Rifle Based Weaponry, Fully Auto Snipers, Regular Rifles (Marksman Rifles, not Assault Rifles) everything that is buffed via the passive and skill tree based damage increases from Technomancer’s Pestilence tree. On top of this you’ll likely need your armour pieces modded with the Blighted Rounds mods.

OUTRIDERS Technomancer Build – Class Tree

Technomancer Build

OUTRIDERS Technomancer Build – Skills

Technomancer Build

Skills Explained

Cold Snap

To be utilised to stop enemy mobs from jumping directly onto you and used to interrupt certain boss mechanics as well as provides you with a moment of respite if needed to resurrect a team mate, this is replaceable but the best at what it provides.

Fixing Wave

I cannot recommend fixing wave enough, I can count 10+ times each expedition where we wouldn’t have been able to output enough DPS if we had to worry about the smaller mobs, fixing wave allows people to focus on DPS knowing their technomancer has a huge heal ready with a buff that can make them immune to pretty much everything for 5 seconds after that, it can also be utilised to instantly heal your team to full after you revive them.

Blighted Rounds

The bread and butter of this build, around 90% of your damage done per expedition will be from this if you build it right, it will melt through alot of enemies that would normally take 2+ mags to kill, it’s relatively simple to use so I won’t bother explaining it, the key mechanic is making sure you don’t run out of ammo, but that is helped a bit by some of the Weapon and Armor mods I will be explaining shortly.



Rifle Standard, Light and other variants are all good, stay away from all “one shot” variants however, they do not synergise well with your blighted rounds.


Utilise Fully Automatic Snipers or Bolt Action Snipers for extremely high DPS against mobs with blighted rounds, rifles will work better against massive hords but if you can memorise the timing for bosses then you can switch to a bolt action right before they come and burst them fast.


The specific armor you utilise is not as important as the mods you put on them, these are the ones you should be on the lookout for, I will mention that for all intents and purposes look to increase your firepower over all other stats.

Credits to SoildFPS for some screenshots of an example godroll weapon.

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