Mystic Messenger Zen Route Walkthrough

Mystic Messenger Zen Route Walkthrough Welcome to our Mystic Messenger Zen Route Walkthrough guide! We have […]

Mystic Messenger Zen Route Walkthrough

Welcome to our Mystic Messenger Zen Route Walkthrough guide! We have prepared all the details for you. All days! We will update it again, follow us!

Zen Endings

Best Endings – Reach the party with:

  • Zen Good End: 10 or more opened RSVP emails
  • Zen Normal End: 9 or less opened RSVP emails

Bad Endings

  • 1st Zen Bad Story End: Incorrect answers Day 7 branch point
  • 2nd Zen Bad Story End: Correct answers Day 7 branch point, then answer incorrectly until you unlock it
  • 3rd Bad Story End: Correct answers until Day 9 branch point, then answer incorrectly until you unlock it
  • 1st Zen Bad Relationship End: Day 5 to 7 > win more hearts for another character
  • 2nd Zen Bad Relationship End: Day 8 to 10 > win more hearts for another character

Mystic Messenger Zen Route Walkthrough – Day 5


  • Jaehee… are you watching DVDs of Zen by any chance?
  • Looking at Zen’s looks is just like taking a vitamin.
  • Do you like Zen, Jaehee?
  • I like seeing Zen try hard too.
  • I’d like to see his performance live one day.
  • Isn’t it better to be honest?
  • I hope everything goes well for Zen. I’m fully supporting him.
  • I’d like to see too. Have fun ^^


  • I want to see Zen… lolol
  • You mean you helped Zen?
  • Omg look at the views….
  • I have no idea what you’re saying.
  • He’s good looking, but he’s even fit… So amazing.
  • I want to be owned by Zen. >_
  • …How much does Zen hate cats?
  • Is it all because of me?
  • Why is everyone single?
  • I want to see Zen.


  • Zen~ I really really really really missed you. I almost died. (
  • I already ate.
  • I will, lovely Zen~
  • I seriously think you’re the hottest guy in the world…
  • You have natural talent and amazing looks… and plus you try hard. You’ll succeed for sure.
  • Are you really coming here often to talk to me?
  • Hope you have a great day, Zen ^^


  • I think Zen is the best actor. He’s good looking and he even works hard.
  • There’s no doubt about the fact that his looks cause envy.
  • Still, I like good looks. Although that’s not everything.
  • Anyways, Zen is perfect on the outside and on the inside. So isn’t he perfect?
  • Son of the company Chairman… So jealous.
  • Zen’s not only attractive on the outside, so I don’t care.
  • I like Zen’s selfies.
  • Don’t you have to go to work now?
  • I’m going to go think of Zen.


  • Zen~! I missed you so so much~!
  • Why, did something good happen?!
  • Wow! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you~!
  • I’m a bit jealous but I hope everything goes well for you!
  • Of course! Good luck!
  • Isn’t that right before the party?
  • Cheer up!! I’m here for you ^^


  • Zen got a lead role and he’s acting with a famous TV star~
  • Is she good at acting?
  • I should get his autograph too ^^
  • I feel like Zen won’t change.
  • Sounds fun. Alright, let’s invite them.
  • I hope Zen’s girlfriend shows up in his life in the near future.
  • I will. This is really good ^^


  • My love Zen~. What do you think he’s doing right now?
  • Is Echo Girl that famous? Zen must be really good…
  • Do you really think she will help Zen get more famous?
  • I think Jumin tends to be harsh on Zen.
  • I don’t think Zen will like that.
  • That’s a good idea~.
  • Maybe if you dress up as Jaehee, they’ll let you in?
  • Seven, it was nice talking to you.


  • What are you doing with Jaehee!?
  • Very very very bad of him to mess with you!!
  • Try to stop him, Jaehee lolol
  • I think Zen doesn’t want to do the job for personal reasons.
  • I don’t really like cats…
  • I hope your new piece is a huge success ^^
  • I don’t think it matters who Zen acts with as long as they are talented.
  • I hope the situation gets better for actors~
  • I think it would be nice.
  • Yes, I am.
  • Thank you for thinking of me… ^^
  • Jaehee, are you being jealous?
  • I feel the same way.
  • Jaehee, it looks as if you’re jealous.
  • I want to be there with you~
  • Thank you for worrying about Zen, Jaehee. But we’ll take care of it on our own.


  • I want to sneak a peek Zen working out.
  • Good luck…;
  • Why don’t you try something more constructive than playing games? haha
  • I like that Zen is really nice to me ^^
  • I think Jaehee can be cautious of me since she’s his fan. I’m sure she means no harm.
  • I’m going to go think of Zen lol


  • Lovely Zen, I want to see some of your selfies lolol
  • Everything is forgiven if you have good looks, so it doesn’t matter. lol
  • If Zen says he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t like it~!
  • No wonder he hates cats…lololol
  • You are right, but why don’t you consider his allergy a bit more? ^^
  • Isn’t that the attitude you should take if you want to cast a good actor?
  • Stop harassing my Zen… T_T
  • lolololololololol Stop teasing him.
  • Zen, calm down a bit… ^^;
  • Yes, but don’t overwork yourself. I’m sure Jumin means well.
  • I hope rehearsal goes well, lovely Zen ^^


  • Jumin and Zen… Isn’t there anyway for them to get along?
  • Shouldn’t you be cheering for Zen?
  • Whatevs. Spill
  • … You want to invite the longcat…?
  • Al…Alright.
  • He’s allergic…
  • I hope they make up one day…
  • That’s awesome, Seven.
  • I get that you’re worrying about Zen.
  • Thanks for worrying about Zen ^^ Good bye.

Day 5 Completed

Mystic Messenger Zen Route Walkthrough – Day 6


  • I missed you so much all I did was think about you the whole day…
  • What? Your ankle bones!? What’s going on? Do you want me to go?
  • Just be calm for now… Is there anything I can help you with?
  • No, you’re not pathetic. Think about getting to the hospital first.
  • First… go to the hospital and see a doctor. It’s not too late to regret then.
  • Get to the hospital safe, Zen… You’ll be alright.


  • I feel so bad that Zen got injured.
  • He hasn’t completely lost the role yet, so let’s wait until Zen get back.
  • I think we should just watch how things go for now.
  • I really hope that’s the case this time~!
  • That’s a good idea.
  • Zen will be thankful that you’re worrying for him… Get some rest, Jaehee ^^


  • I’m so worried about him.
  • How could you say that right now?;;;
  • Uhm, hello? Does the autograph matter when someone’s hurt?
  • If he gets better quickly, he might be able to do the rehearsal, don’t you think?
  • I don’t know how good Zen is… but I think he can pull it off. He can practice things that don’t require him to move.
  • Seven, I’m disappointed.
  • Haha… You slob.
  • I’d like to go visit him at the hospital… What do you think?
  • Seven, hope work goes well~!


  • I was worried so much… Are you back from the hospital, lovely Zen?
  • Oh now… does it hurt?
  • It’s not good to rely on cigarettes~!
  • You’re not pathetic at all. It was only an accident.
  • I do believe in you… I know that your efforts will shine through one day.
  • Sometimes things don’t work out as you planned. Cheer up and get back your spirit!
  • Yes, it’s a good idea.
  • I’d love that~!
  • Hope you feel better, Zen.


  • I feel bad seeing Zen have a hard time.
  • The doctor told him to rest… It’s really too bad.
  • You’ll have to say laterz to your fair skin if you start.
  • You should control yourself~!
  • I don’t like it that much.
  • Do you agree to me going to go visit Zen?
  • He’ll feel better soon. ^^
  • Goodbye.


  • I’m glad that he got released from the hospital.
  • You need to exercise~!
  • If I can’t go, I think at least you should go Jaehee. I’m worried that he might get too depressed…
  • Jaehee… you don’t have feelings for Zen, do you?
  • Jaehee, I understand why you’re anxious, but we’re just starting to get to know each other.
  • I think we can put them on the list of potential guests.
  • Good luck with work, both of you ^^


  • I hope Zen gets better soon.
  • It’d be great if he gets better that quickly… but shouldn’t he listen to the doctor?
  • I’m sure she means well.
  • Hope Jaehee gets a boyfriend soon…
  • I don’t want to keep any secrets from Zen.
  • That came out of the blue?
  • That’s a beautiful story.
  • … Alright. I don’t fully support it, but let’s invite him.
  • Bye.


  • Just what does Seven do in his free time…?
  • Yoosung, you should look for party guests too.
  • If I can help Zen, I’d like to go.
  • Let’s do that…^^
  • Don’t game too much.


  • I’d like to go.
  • Hey, Jaehee~^^
  • I’d really like to go, but since I’m staying at a secret place, things aren’t too easy ^^
  • How could you recommend Seven? lolol
  • I haven’t known Zen for long… but I think I can care about him as much as the others do or even more.
  • Thank you ^^
  • Then doesn’t that mean I can go?
  • Did I do something wrong?
  • If that’s what’s best for Zen, I’ll keep that in mind.
  • Zen…
  • I understand your position, Jaehee… but thank you for saying that Zen.
  • Jaehee, you’re not wrong… but I think it should be Zen to decide what dignity means for himself, not the fans.
  • Zen… don’t have such thoughts. You’re just going through a rough patch right now.
  • But shouldn’t you tell the director first?
  • I’m sure she means well too. We just have different perceptions.
  • Rest up and just think positive thoughts! Cheer up!
  • Good luck on your work. Thank you for caring about Zen.


  • Why am I the center of attention?
  • I’m sure Jaehee’s just worried about Zen’s career.
  • I don’t hate her.
  • You don’t like your father?
  • Zen said he doesn’t talk to his family… I feel so bad about that.
  • You’re right, but I feel like Zen has a lot of hurt regarding his family. So I’m careful to tell him that.
  • Maybe you just like Zen?
  • He said he’s ALLERGIC!
  • Like what?


  • Hello.
  • I quite like Zen too. ^^
  • I understand why she feels that way.
  • I am innocent, sir.
  • I don’t really understand Jumin.
  • You should ask things like that on Fake Book.
  • Zen is mine!! Don’t text him.
  • lolololololololol
  • So you just have to get yourself together and you have a perfect family.
  • What? Really?
  • You must have a complicated reason.
  • I feel like you didn’t grow up in a normal family, Seven…
  • What if they don’t take him back in?
  • Let’s stop talking about this. It’s a sensitive issue.
  • Go ahead, Yoosung.
  • You were only thinking of Zen. ^^
  • Thank you for thinking of Zen… ^^
  • Good bye~

Day 6 Completed

Day 7


  • Hey, Zen ^^
  • I’m sure it’s because they are worried about you.
  • You have to exercise to sleep…
  • Zen… are you still holding on to it…?
  • Zen….
  • Don’t think like that, Zen. You can get better soon and get a better role!
  • I don’t think that’s a bad idea.
  • Of course it’s for you to decide, Zen, but it would be nice if you could return to your family like Seven said.
  • You never know. He could have just been worried for you~
  • You shouldn’t have cared so much about what Jumin said~!
  • It’s a sensitive issue, so I’ll respect your opinion.
  • Please feel better… I really wish I could go.
  • Thanks for thinking of him though.
  • Cheer up, Zen~!


  • Deep into the night, I stay awake staring into the dark abyss of Zen’s eyes.
  • Zen will always stay beautiful no matter what.
  • You’re right.
  • I think he’ll be happy if I go visit him ^^
  • No! What if Zen gets fat?!
  • I have no idea what you’re saying.
  • So cruel!!
  • I still can’t sleep yet. Good night~


  • I did! You should eat properly too.
  • What?? Honey Buddha Chips?! How did he find them? They’re so hard to get.
  • I want to try them… Get on for me, Zen.
  • Zen…
  • I know it’s hard… but you know that you always have to tell the truth.
  • You’ll get another opportunity. Everyone thinks so… Have faith in yourself!
  • Don’t limit yourself by thinking like that.
  • Have confidence! Don’t think like that.
  • Get back safe~


  • Hiya Yoosung.
  • I can feel that Zen is having a really difficult time.
  • That’s just how life works.
  • Yes… Since I’m cheering for him, he has to get better soon!
  • Yeah. He always stays humble and puts a lot of effort, so I’m sure he’ll succeed.
  • Try to play games less and do other activities.
  • I hope I can be that kind of person to Zen.
  • Alright. Let’s think about your future together.
  • It’s more sad not being able to do what you want.
  • You’re going to study, right? Good luck!


  • Hello, Jaehee~
  • Is it a crime to have an allergy? ;;
  • …So if Zen’s allergic to cats, Jumin’s allergic to women?
  • Jumin… Do you like men or women?
  • Am I the only one who smells more late work hours for Jaehee?
  • Aren’t you sick of cats?
  • He’ll feel better if I go see him…
  • I’d like to go… but how can I?
  • Then… I can really meet him!!
  • I could ask him about it.
  • Jaehee, you don’t have to worry. Nothing bad will happen.
  • Where should I go?
  • Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to harm him.
  • Alright.


  • I’m excited too~
  • You met her?
  • Did you tell her that you can’t do the show…?
  • How does she know all of them!?
  • He was cold…
  • What is it?
  • Wow… Amazing.
  • Guess you get to play the role. Congrats.
  • See you soon. I’m almost there ^^

Visual Novel

  • Is it okay to ignore what Driver Kim said?
  • I wanted to see you to. You’re more handsome in person.
  • Alright. I’ll help you.


  • Yup ^^
  • I’ll have to go home soon ^^;;
  • Don’t worry~ I’m only here to help Zen feel better.
  • Don’t scare me! Zen will protect me.
  • Then there won’t be any use in me mentioning it…
  • Zen can’t work because of his allergy.
  • You mean… that Youtube video that Seven made? What kind of help did you offer?
  • I don’t even want to imagine that…
  • I do agree… but I’m sure he doesn’t mean harm.
  • Jumin, are you angry?
  • This might be a misunderstanding, so please take time to think about it.
  • That will be fun!
  • Goodbye.
  • I understand how Jumin feels… but I don’t know if Zen really hates him.
  • I’ll ask.
  • I will. Don’t worry ^^

Visual Novel

  • I think he’s jealous of you.
  • What was your brother like?
  • Okay.


  • He’s doing well.
  • I’ll tell him that. Thanks, Jaehee.
  • Jaehee, I understand what you are saying. But… leave our relationship to us.
  • It sounds good. I’ll consider inviting them
  • I will. Good luck with work, Jaehee.

21:12: Save here for all Endings

Visual Novel

  • Let’s invite it!
  • If that’s what you want.
  • I want to stay here too.
  • I trust your decision.
  • Why?
  • You must have really liked your brother…
  • Why did you think he changed so suddenly?
  • Rika?
  • So did you get help?
  • So that’s why you don’t like Jumin?
  • Hold it tight and never let go.
  • What do you mean?
  • It’s fine. I can come next time.


  • It was a comfortable trip thanks to you. (Alt Selection)
  • Zen’s going to be busy since he has to act!
  • Stop drinking so much…
  • You water the plants and rake the dirt?
  • I felt excited as if I have known him for a long time.
  • Uhm… Zen does realize that he discriminated against you.
  • Zen has his own reasons for his attitude… so please don’t be so offended.
  • We’ll take care of it ourselves~ Laterz Jumin.


  • I wanted to stay the night at your place… T_T…
  • I’m blushing…
  • Why don’t you stop playing games first of all… ^^
  • Agreed
  • I’m sure Zen will take care of it himself ^^
  • Zen…
  • Thank you so much for saying that, Zen
  • I like you too, Zen, but I don’t want any damage to your career…
  • Zen… Thank you so much for saying that~!
  • I don’t care if you’re blinded. I still like you.
  • Omg
  • This is a nice feeling…
  • Why don’t you try playing less~!
  • Don’t be like that~ Zen is going through a difficult time.
  • Great! (Email from writer)
  • Put me to bed, Zen…
  • Goodbye, Zen ^^

Day 7 Completed

Day 8


  • I just saw something strange…?
  • I saw some weird text— I’m telling the truth.
  • My babe’s love is so ginormous it just oozes out of the messenger…
  • Mmm. invent a similar one! And publish it!
  • Do you even have time to make one?
  • I’m Zen’s lovable baby.
  • The I guess you can’t create one… I think Zen will be able to since he knows love ^^
  • I’m ready to religiously devote my body and soul to Zen.
  • I’m make sure to protect it with all I have. Good bye ^^


  • I’m hungry for Zen…
  • What are you going to have?
  • Why don’t we invite them to the party?
  • Zen~ Hello.
  • I can’t sleep thinking of you.
  • What?? Why?
  • Did something happen with Echo Girl?
  • I see… It must have been tough, Zen…
  • I hope Echo Girl doesn’t do anything to hurt you… I’m worried this might somehow effect you.
  • It wasn’t an opportunity that came because of your talent… I think it’s best to just forget about it.
  • Don’t say that. You made it because you’re talented, not just because you’re handsome.
  • Here is one of those fangirls hooked onto that magic.
  • Who dares to put a filter over your face~! Nope. You look best in your natural state.
  • Think his app is just acting weird.
  • You really are okay, right?


  • Zen, I’m here~
  • Yup, he’s in the rich class.
  • Be understanding Zen ^^ Just as you were handsome from birth, Jumin doesn’t have any choice in that matter.
  • Jumin, Zen is officially giving you an apology. Why don’t you accept it?
  • Jumin, okay? ^^
  • Be careful, darling~
  • Did she have something against Zen? That’s not good…
  • What do you think she means by revenge? I’m getting nervous…
  • So you really can’t do that new role…
  • Yes, I hope so. Have a safe trip to the hospital.
  • Muah
  • Do you feel better about Zen now?
  • Why don’t you have someone else help you?


  • Zen, I’m here~
  • Yup, he’s in the rich class.
  • Be understanding Zen ^^ Just as you were handsome from birth, Jumin doesn’t have any choice in that matter.
  • Jumin, Zen is officially giving you an apology. Why don’t you accept it?
  • Jumin, okay? ^^
  • Be careful, darling~
  • Did she have something against Zen? That’s not good…
  • What do you think she means by revenge? I’m getting nervous…
  • So you really can’t do that new role…
  • Yes, I hope so. Have a safe trip to the hospital.
  • Muah
  • Do you feel better about Zen now?
  • Why don’t you have someone else help you?


  • Seven, meow~
  • I’m worried about Zen…
  • What did you find?
  • Re… Really?!
  • That’s so random…
  • Was something saved in there?
  • I’m so curious to know what’s saved in there.
  • Should we invite that group to the party?
  • Everyone misses the past.
  • I see… Well, RFA is a private organization anyways. Won’t it be fine amongst us?
  • I’m so excited…
  • The party… I’ll try my best to make it fantastic ^^
  • Let’s not invite cats~ Zen’s allergic.
  • You guys are so mean~
  • I hope they become better friends from now on ^^
  • Seven, good luck with work!


  • Jaehee, hello~
  • I think he went for a stroll.
  • Did something happen?
  • Regardless, I think it was rude of you to do that in front of your father.
  • Jumin… I feel like you’re being childish to ask Jaehee that.
  • I think they’re back to being friends
  • Is that… a compliment? Thank you.
  • Jumin, can I ask you what happened with Echo Girl this morning?
  • I hope nothing bad happens… I’m worried.
  • Jaehee.. I’m sure it’s stressful to work on all those cat projects.
  • I can’t stop thinking about Echo Girl. You don’t think she’ll hurt Zen, do you?
  • Bye, Jaehee~


  • I’m so glad your leg is better. Now you can come to me, right?
  • I’ll look forward to seeing you give your all
  • No they don’t. You cleanse my life.
  • Oh now… Wasn’t that hurtful?
  • I’m glad that you’re opening up about your family…
  • That’s… so sad.
  • Thank you for telling me. You worked hard to be an actor… I truly believe that.
  • Go and take it


  • I’m worried about Zen being too handsome… People are asking for his number all the time…
  • Yoosung. If you’re jealous, just say so
  • I think it will be fun. Let’s invite them~
  • I was happy to see Zen open up.
  • Don’t think you know everything about Zen! I know Zen best.
  • I think we’re going off topic haha
  • I’d like to support Zen if he ever gathers the courage
  • I’m curious of what our children would look like heart
  • It was fun talking to you. Have fun


  • Zen… Are you okay!?
  • Zen… first try to calm down. Don’t let the media get to you!
  • Echo Girl’s the one who did something wrong by lying… Please don’t let it get to you.
  • I can’t believe they’re using you like this… I’m so mad, but I know this is hardest for you Zen.
  • You did nothing wrong… No actor would have turned down and opportunity like that. You know that.
  • Zen… I think you’re too emotional right now. First… try to calm down, and let’s all try to come up with a solution.
  • Tell me if something happens, okay?
  • Do you think Echo Girl has the media in her hands?
  • Hmm… Is there anything we can do?
  • I don’t know what you’re thinking about… but please take care of everything for Zen


  • I’m worried about Zen…
  • Jumin is quite powerful already… but Zen is just an actor. I’m worried.
  • That’s so unfair… Zen did nothing wrong…
  • He always worked hard and never relied on anyone else. There’s so much to learn from him…!
  • If they are true fans… they will think carefully about this and support him.
  • That sounds good. Let’s invite them.
  • Thanks, Jaehee… Bye.


Zen, how are you feeling?
What are you talking about?
Zen… you’re not searching yourself online, are you?
Zen… it’s hard now but I’m sure you’ll get over it soon.
Zen, don’t say that!
This isn’t so black and white… You have your talent to back you up.
You’re just going through a rough time. Go and try to get yourself together.
You’re worried right…? Me too.
Considering Zen’s job… it can be quite damaging. Zen’s dream is to be an actor.
Bye, Jumin.

8 Completed

Day 9


  • Yes… I’m worried about Zen. I hope he cheers up soon.
  • What did they say?
  • I’m angry too… but it must be hardest for Zen.
  • I hope people realize the truth as time passes…
  • I hope I can help Zen get over this.
  • Tell me if you see anything weird.


  • Zen… how are you feeling?
  • Oh my god…! Should we call the police?
  • Don’t think that…! Be confident.
  • Don’t let those opinions get to you. If you didn’t do anything wrong, then just act so.
  • Don’t say that. I’d go to you right now and comfort you if I could…
  • Was Rika your fan?
  • You didn’t like the financial support?
  • Motorcycle… it must have been dangerous.
  • Did someone save you?
  • Maybe V’s a rider too!?
  • I understand… but can’t you find a safer way?
  • Make sure to be safe!!


  • Yes… I think he’s going through a rough time.
  • Everything is against him… but I’m sure everything will be fine once he gets his energy back
  • It’s a bit sad… to hear you say that.
  • How can we get through this situation?
  • Why doesn’t he just explain the truth to the public?
  • I understand that you just want what’s best for Zen. Good luck with work today…


  • I’m worried too…
  • Where do you think he went?
  • How do you know that Jumin?
  • Wow… How was it meeting him for the first time?
  • Zen would have refused all of that ^^;
  • I guess he said that because his parents never approved of his dreams…
  • Zen would have refused ^^; Although offers purely based on his talents won’t be so bad.
  • Did Zen join the RFA because Rika persuaded him?
  • Rika must have been a huge fan!
  • He called because he got worried over Zen?
  • Do you think that will help Zen?
  • How exactly do you plan to dispute then?
  • Jumin… that’s awesome. Please take care of Zen!
  • Sounds good! Let’s invite him. (Email from netizen)
  • Are you guilty of something?
  • Yes… but now that everyone is helping, I’ll have to look at the bright side and think everything will be okay.
  • That’s so nice… Let’s think that everything will be fine ^^


  • … And it was not Jumin who returned after that call, but only an echo.
  • Didn’t Jumin say he’d help with that?
  • Shouldn’t we at least say the truth rather than staying still?
  • I’m so impressed by how everyone is trying to help Zen…! I hope he sees this and cheers up.
  • Maybe… he went to go see Zen who disappeared with his motorcycle?
  • That will happen!! I have faith.
  • Please ignore him and go do what you have to do Jaehee
  • Since Jumin is missing haha;;
  • You still can’t look as good as Zen though.
  • I’m going to keep thinking about Zen.


  • I am… You don’t think he got hurt on his motorcycle do you?
  • Maybe the two of them are together?
  • Anyone who’s seen Zen in person would know that he’d never do something like that.
  • I hope Zen doesn’t give up either.
  • Everything Zen worked so hard to build up won’t just crumble down so easily!
  • I’m sure you’re helping just by thinking that way
  • Talk to you later~


  • You’re safe, right? I’m so glad!
  • Do you feel better?
  • That’s so touching…
  • You met with Jumin? Model… Are you sure?
  • Okay… As always, I’ll watch you and support you.
  • I’m so glad you got over the hurt from your past.
  • Sounds good! Let’s invite him.
  • Go ahead, get some rest.


  • Hey Jaehee
  • Don’t be so harsh~ They seem to be better friends now because of that, haha.
  • You can use Zen for that.
  • I’m so glad that you two are getting along now.
  • Maybe she changed her mind after seeing Zen’s attitude.
  • I know that Zen will get back up there…! And he will be more honest this time!
  • Now I think we can finally be optimistic about what’s to come!
  • No doubt about it~
  • The party’s the day after tomorrow!
  • Rest up… Thank you for thinking of Zen.
  • You were only worried. I understand.
  • Yes, we’ll do it together… Hope we can talk again soon


  • I miss Zen.
  • I wish she’d just stop now… T_T
  • What things?
  • Goldfish-shaped bread…… I want some.
  • I want to meet Zen at the party~
  • It’s a bit strange… but why don’t we?
  • Good bye, Yoosung.
  • Is that the issue right now?
  • Thanks, Seven. Good luck!


  • Zen! I missed you.
  • Zenny… I’m getting dizzy… Are you going to take care of me.
  • I’m glad to hear that.
  • That’s a great idea! I’m sure it’s better.
  • Thank you… We’ll get to see each other more often.
  • I know you can.
  • Hurry and take it!


  • I didn’t really hear anything…?
  • They’re going to fight against Echo Girl.
  • If we’re going to do it, let’s do it properly Jaehee!
  • Hahahah, exactly!
  • Good! Let’s invite her!
  • I’m sure Zen will prepare for it with everything he has

Day 9 Completed

Day 10


  • Zen~! You’re not asleep yet? Go and sleep.
  • I can’t even imagine you doing something like that with such a blessed face… Please give everyone a fantastic…
  • Lolol I can almost imagine how you were like to women until now lolol
  • What does that mean?
  • If you faint, I’ll wake you up with the sweetest voice ^^
  • Zen works out really hard… so won’t his beauty continue on?
  • You both are good looking. Don’t worry about it now;;
  • Where in the world were you guys?
  • Oh but Zen, didn’t you say you were going to call your family?
  • How is your family doing?
  • I’m sure that with your generosity, you will have a much better relationship with your family now.
  • I’ll be beside you as you try…
  • Zen go and rest up


  • Seven, is something wrong?
  • Is it about Zen?
  • A special security system? Why would I need that?
  • Were hackers after the information?
  • Why are you telling me this now!?
  • So you mean the bomb might go off!?
  • Who in the world would do this…?
  • I’m nervous being here by myself… Can’t Zen come?
  • Alright.
  • There’s no other choice… I’ll trust you.
  • Please go and fix it.


  • I don’t notice any changes yet… Thanks for worrying.
  • I think it might be safest to listen to Seven for now.
  • I don’t really know… but I don’t want to think that he had bad intentions.
  • I want to proceed with the party…! For Zen…!
  • What?? Why…?
  • Did you… have a psychic dream or something?
  • Was I in your dream then?
  • Zen, I’m scared….
  • I want to believe what Zen said.
  • Me…? But the address is secret…
  • As Seven said, if you come here Zen… the system might activate.
  • Yes, I think that’s better.
  • I’m worried Zen will go out of his way.
  • Okay… I’m so sad that this is happening…


  • I’m okay. But Seven… did you talk to Zen?
  • I am safe, right?
  • How?
  • It would be a big waste to just quit…
  • I’ll stay here just as you said, Seven.
  • Thanks for the gesture…
  • What is he going to do?
  • Oh…! That’s important too. Please do a good job, Yoosung.
  • Did you have a bomb there too?
  • I know right? The world these days…
  • Alright, good luck, Seven.


  • Hi, Jumin. I’m good.
  • Jumin, what do you think is best to do right now?
  • It’s strange that the bomb was installed in the first place.
  • I wish we could see the records…
  • I know.
  • Okay… I think it’ll be helpful to have an investigator. Let’s invite him.
  • Goodbye


  • Is it about my safety?
  • Can’t Zen come for me?
  • What?;;;
  • Send Zen over
  • I guess he has no choice since he’s in charge of handling sensitive material T_T
  • No wonder we can’t reach him… I get it.
  • No, it’s not your fault, Jaehee.
  • Zen, didn’t you say you were going to call V?
  • Oh my…. do you think he’s planning to come here?
  • I will.


  • My heart is beating too fast because of Zen +_+
  • Did something happen?
  • Is Zen coming…?
  • =)
  • Are you helping Seven out right now?
  • Who knows what will happen to the two of them~
  • Knight in shining armor?
  • V’s coming tomorrow right?
  • Okay, do a good job Yoosung.
  • Visual Novel
  • Who are you…?
  • What do you want?
  • Why should I listen to you.
  • How do you know Seven?
  • I’m fine!
  • (Bites mans hand.)


  • I’m at Zen’s place…
  • T_T Zen I was so scared.
  • Zen… calm down, I’m safe.
  • He seemed to know you Seven… but not in a good way.
  • Yes, thanks to Zen, I wasn’t hurt at all.
  • I understand, Zen.
  • Zen, I think Seven understands now…
  • Okay…
  • Seven, you did your best. Thank you for letting Zen know the address.
  • Visual Novel
  • (Grabs Zen’s wrist.)


  • Yes, Zen is taking good care of me!
  • Well, I’m safe so let’s just focus on the party.
  • Everything is okay now.
  • I know for sure that it’s someone who knows Seven…
  • Yoosung, weren’t you working until now too?
  • Whew! I guess Echo Girl will go down tomorrow then.
  • It is a commoner food in the shape of goldfish, Mr. Han.
  • alkjh;4i;lkfjdk;l
  • Zenzenzenzenzenzenny
  • Come to think of it, didn’t Zen mention that he was going to get goldfish-shaped bread?
  • What did she say on her social media?
  • Jumin… that actually makes sense.
  • Do you want me to help you?
  • Thank you for everything!
  • Why do you think so?
  • Goodbye, Jumin.
  • Yes, let’s out do our best.
  • I’m going to stay up a bit more, since Zen’s up


  • Yes, I have. The party is tomorrow!
  • Alright, Zenny.
  • Not only me, Zen was in danger too…!
  • Last trip?
  • Did you hurt yourself?
  • Did you get hurt!?
  • How can you take photos now?
  • V, don’t you think that you’re being unfair to us?
  • Zen… Cheer up.
  • Your sight isn’t good. Can you come to the party tomorrow?
  • Zen, let’s try to understand V for now. Nothing will come out of getting mad…
  • Thank you at least for letting me join the organization. Thanks to that, I met Zen.
  • See you soon
  • Do you believe in God, V?
  • Okay, then I’ll get going.
  • Visual Novel
  • Okay, thank you.
  • Zen, what about your acting?
  • That’s not like you.
  • I… Zen…


  • Seven, do you have news?
  • Okay, I will.
  • Did V say anything?
  • Okay.
  • You did so well~.

Day 10 Completed

Day 11

  • Today’s a good day, but I’m worried about V…
  • Why didn’t you say anything then?
  • ???
  • My Zenny is very special
  • Is he coming today?
  • Is V coming alone?
  • I’m okay thanks to Zen
  • Z-Zen… haha;;;
  • Jumin~ See you later!
  • Yes!

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