Legends of Idleon – Secrets Unlock All

Legends of Idleon Secrets Unlock All Welcome to our Legends of Idleon Secrets Unlock All guide! […]

Legends of Idleon Secrets Unlock All

Welcome to our Legends of Idleon Secrets Unlock All guide! We have prepared all the details for you. All Secrets! We will update it again, follow us!

Spikes Minigame

How to unlock the spikes minigame? Type “If u love me let me go” in the chat

Using the text in the chat you will teleport to the Spiketrap Surprise minigame. Every day, the first time you play the minigame, you will earn x40 gems

Legends of Idleon Secrets – Secretkeeper

How to unlock the Secretkeeper? Find the Secretkeeper in the tutorial area and give him the secretstone

Once you do it you will have a completed quest in the codex, and also a secret code (3-6-3-9-0-blue)

Legends of Idleon Secrets – The Journeysman

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Go to the carrot fighting zone and drop a peanut on the very suspicious looking bush

Peanut recipe (from Picnic Stowaway): x2 Hot dog + x1 Copper Ore + x1 Bleach log

(You will find the recipe on the ground, at the beginning of the 2nd daily quest)

Chapter 2: Bushlyte

Complete the 3 quests:

  • A Peanut for your Thoughts: Give it x100 peanuts
  • Honk if you Love Peanuts!: Give it x250 peanuts
  • A Peanut Saved is a Peanut not Eaten!: Give it x700 peanuts, after that drop the Stone Peanut at the Rocklyte
  • To find the Rocklyte: Go to the frog area, walk up to the suspicous rock and drop the stone peanut in front of it

Chapter 3: Rocklyte

Complete the 3 quests:

  • How It’s Made, Episode 7. The Super Peanut: Give it x1000 peanuts
  • If Life Gives you Peanuts, make Shiny Peanuts!: Give it x5 Golden Peanuts
  • Becoming the Best Beginner: Become a Joyrneyman: 1

Golden Peanut recipe (from Rocklyte): x100 Peanut + x50 Gold Bar

Wellington’s Platforms

  • 1st platform: At the upper left corner of the Froggy Fields map
  • 2nd platform: At Dr Defecaus location (The Office)
  • 3rd platform: In Pincer Plateu (if you dont find it, follow the arrows of the background)
  • 4th platform: At the lower left corner of Djonnuttown

The Crypt

First get the Bolt Cutters (Green Mushrooms’ drop), then go to Dr Defecaus boss room and drop the Bolt Cutter at the sewer grate on the top right

Biggie Hours

Craft the Googley Eyes, Googley Eyes recipe (from Crabcake): x2 Woodular Circle + x5 Distilled Water

Once you have the googley eyes drop them on the broken hourglass

You will find the bloken hourglass near the Colosseum (Mimic Zone)

King Doot

Craft the Dootjat Eye, Dootjat Eye recipe (from Sand Giant): x1 Silver Antique + x80 Gold Bar + x1 Ghost

If you don’t find it, you can buy Silver Antique from the vendor in the forest camp

Requirements to start the boss fight:

  1. At least one of each basic class
  2. All in the same world
  3. All have to drop the Dootjat Eye at the summoning stone (Sand Giants > Left Side
  4. Activate Pillars: Each fighter has to say something in the chat

Bandit Bob Card

Requirement: don’t complete THE NOTORIOUS B.O.B’ quest with at least one of your characters

Visit Bandit BOB’s hideout with this character, let him try to kill you, instead he will give you the card

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