Outward – Labelled Map of Chersonese

A quick W.I.P. map with points of interest locating dungeons, safe zones, and supply chests in the region of Chersonese.

Labelled Map of Chersonese

Reminder that this map is a Work in Progress, and will not be 100% accurate to the game.

If a location is incorrect/found and has yet to be marked, please inform me of the location and I shall update it.

If you have located a trader location please describe/screenshot the location and I shall update the map.


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3 thoughts on “Outward – Labelled Map of Chersonese”

  1. there is a trader that spawns in occaisionally on the purple mountain, conveniently its right next to the safe butterfly spot near the top

  2. There is a safe camp east of Blister Burrow (The trog cave near Cierzo) By the cliff overlooking the bandit camp.

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