Outward – Warm Up The Character

Warm Up The Character Standing By a Bonfire Standing by a bonfire warms the character up […]

Warm Up The Character

Standing By a Bonfire

Standing by a bonfire warms the character up quickly.

The easiest way of warming up and tackling the cold is staying near a bonfire. The temperature of the character will start to rise rapidly and the negative effects of the cold will be reduced. It does not matter whether you create a fire yourself or use an existing one. You can often find bonfires at bandit camps, for example.

Create a Bonfire Yourself

First, collect some firewood.

You can also create a bonfire yourself. First, you need wood – to do this, go to any tree and hold down the appropriate key. You will get three pieces of wood (just enough to create fire).

Then, create a Campfire Kit.

Then open the crafting menu, find the Campfire Kit and create it. The item will appear in your inventory.

Finally, place the wood on the ground and light it up.

In the inventory, select the Campfire Kit, place the bonfire on the ground, and light it up. Now, standing near the fire, your character’s temperature will rise. Remember that you can place the Bedroll next to the fire, and thus protect yourself from the cold during sleep.

Clothing and Items That Protect From The Cold

If you want to protect yourself from the cold, choose clothes with a high coefficient of protection against cold weather.

If you are in an area covered with snow, it is necessary to avoid a decrease in the body temperature of the character. To do this, you must use clothes with a high coefficient of Cold Weather Defense – the higher the level, the more protection from the cold the given piece of clothing provides. This will allow you to delay or even prevent the character from getting dangerously cold. If the clothes are not enough, you can use edible insects called Ochre Spice Beetle, which provide temporary protection from the cold after being eaten – they can be obtained by collecting various types of plants and fruits.

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