Outward – Mixed Legacies Walkthrough

Mixed Legacies Walkthrough

Once getting to the Blue Chamber Collective faction, you will receive a new quest. Your fourth quest in Outward is called Mixed Legacies.

Your task begins with a conversation with Rissa Aberdeen. She will give you a new nickname and tips for the next part of the quest.

You should go to the Blue Chamber. It’s the biggest building in Berg.

Inside, you will meet all members of the faction. Talk to them for further instructions.

When you exit the Blue Chamber, you will receive information from the narrator about the impending danger.

Run inside and defeat the enemies. Do not forget to loot the bodies; they have a lot of items in their pockets. You can sell them and get a lot of silver almost for free.

After clearing the area, talk to the cult representatives. They’ll send you to the necropolis.

Hidden inside are a lot of enemies. Kill or bypass them to find members of the faction.

On the hillside, next to the corpse, you will find a scroll. Look carefully at both objects.

Your next task is to help Rissa out of the bandits’ hideout.

After releasing her, go back to town and talk to her. This will complete the mission.

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