Outward – Looking to The Future Walkthrough

Looking to The Future Walkthrough Your third mission in Outward is to obtain the information that […]

Looking to The Future Walkthrough

Your third mission in Outward is to obtain the information that will enable you to get out of the city and join one of the factions. For remainder’s sake: you will find four factions in the game – the Blue Chamber Collective, the Heroic Kingdom of Levant, the Holy Mission of Elatt and the Soroboreans. Exact information about the fractions can be found in a separate section of the guide.

The first person with whom you will be talking is Rissa Aberdeen. She will provide you with information about other characters with whom you can talk.

If you’re able to use a map efficiently, you can determine the position of the character. We will try, however, to give you the exact location of the NPCs to make them easier to find.

Yzan Argenson is waiting for you on the beach. Go and talk to him. After finishing the dialog, he disappears before your eyes, and you can go to the next character.

Right by the beach, you will find Oliela. She’s easy to spot because she has a lightsaber. She will tell you about the Holy Mission.

Roland will be waiting for you at one of the piers. Talk to him to get more information.

Helen Turnbull can be found on the terrace of one of the houses. There are a lot of pigeons around her.

One of the last characters you should talk to is Burac Corillon. This is one of the guards protecting the gate to the city. You will learn from him how to survive in difficult conditions, how to get food, water, and maintain stable body temperature.

After talking with all the characters go back to Rissa. She will direct you to the Innkeeper.

Your next task will be to get out of the city and go find a new faction. You can go to Emmerkar Forest, the Hallowed Marsh or the Abrassar desert.

To leave this place, you need to go to the city gate and get out. Remember that when you leave the city, it will be quite difficult to return to it. Hence, it’s worth to explore the city thoroughly and collect the necessary resources, potions or snacks to survive in the open part of the world.

To continue the task, you have to a city of your choosing. In the case of the Emmerkar Forest, the city located in the northern part of the country.

To join the Blue Chamber Collective, talk to Rissa. This will give you another task that will boil down to talking with 3 characters.

Gabriella Sullivan is standing at the lighthouse with her pet. She’s easily recognizable thanks to the blue clothes she’s wearing.

Another character you need to talk to is Julius Sutherland. He is in his house on the hill.

After talking to the heroes, you need to obtain the canines – they fall out of enemies, so you have to leave the city and kill the enemies lurking in the area. Once you get them, go to the blacksmith, he will give you a weapon blueprint. Craft it to complete the quest.

To complete the Looking to the Future mission, you must complete two more tasks. Go to the hotel and return the Fire Rug to Sagaru Battleboro. He will send you back to Rissa, and this will conclude the mission and give you the key to Cierzo.

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