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Outward Fishing Fishing in Outward this is one of the ways to get food. The fish […]

Outward Fishing

Fishing in Outward this is one of the ways to get food. The fish can be cooked on the fire and eaten, but you can also sell them to earn some silver. To be able to fish, you need an item called the Fishing Harpoon – you can buy it, but it is better to get it for free. In this section, you will learn where to find the Fishing Harpoon and how to fish in Outward.

How to get Fishing Harpoon?

  • First, go to the beach in Cierzo.

The Fishing Harpoon can be found in Cierzo, that is, in the first city in which you are at the beginning of the game. First, go to the beach – it is located in the north-western part of the city. Then, go to the side of the structure, as shown in the figure above.

Then go to the bridge behind the construction there, you will find the Fishing Harpoon.

Go behind the construction and enter the local pier. On it, you will find a Fishing Harpoon you will save 25 silver as you won’t have to buy it.

How to fish?

  • To fish, approach a place where you will notice a floating fishies.

Fishing is very simple, and you can catch the first fish on the beach, where you found the Fishing Harpoon. You can’t fish just anywhere – you need to go where you will notice the floating fish. Then just hold the key visible on the screen, and after a while, your character will catch at least one fish. You also have a chance to get other food – for example, shrimp, which restore mana. You can eat or sell caught fish and other food.

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