Outward – Best Weapons Location

Outward Best Weapons In the first city, there are several types of weapons, this will let […]

Outward Best Weapons

In the first city, there are several types of weapons, this will let you check which weapon are most suitable for your style of play. Even if you are going to get the best weapons from the merchant, it is still worth collecting all the weapons below. It will let you earn some silver, which you can spend, for example, to pay the debt so as not to lose the house in Cierzo. It is advisable to focus on collecting money for the house, and only after that to purchase weapons from the merchant the free weapons should help you deal with the entry-level enemies, and the saved silver will bring you closer to getting 150 silver


  • The quarterstaff is located in the yellow bushes near the lighthouse.

Quarterstaff can be found immediately at the exit from the Lighthouse, i.e. the house where you start the exploration of Cierzo. When leaving the house, point to the rocks and yellow bushes – among the bushes you will find the weapon. The quarterstaff is a long, two-handed weapon that deals 16 damage.

Felling Greataxe

  • Felling Greataxe can be found in front of the Town Hall.

In the eastern part of the city is a building called the Town Hall – you’ll surely notice it after leaving the Lighthouse. Right in front of the building, you will find a two-handed axe, the Falling Greataxe, which deals 18 damage.


  • The Pitchfork lies next to the inn.

The Pitchfork is a two-handed weapon that deals 16 damage. To get it, go to the north-eastern part of the city, namely to the Inn. On the left side of the tavern (looking from the door), you will find the described weapon.


  • The Machete is on the beach.

Another weapon can be obtained on the beach, that is, in the north-western part of the city. During the construction with the fish, you’ll find a one-handed weapon, the Machete, inflicting 12 damage.

Plank Shield

  • A basic shield that you will find in port.

If you use a one-handed weapon, the shield is a great addition to the equipment. Go to the port in the western part of the city and go to the last pier. There, you will find the Plank Shield with the coefficient of Impact Resistance equal to 10.

Outward Chersonese Weapons

Chersonese is the area to which you will get after leaving the city of Cierzo. There, you will find several distinctive locations (usually dungeons), as well as many enemies – it is better to bring weapons and food because it is not always possible to avoid a fight. Exploring Chersonese is a great way to get free equipment better from that available in the city.

Simple Bow

  • Move towards the Bandit Camp.

The Simple Bow deals 23 damage, this is probably the first ranged weapon you’ll gain access to. The item can be found in the Blister Burrow, located in the north-western part of the map. The exact location was highlighted in the image above.

  • Then stick to the road with the wooden, semi-circular structures.

It’s enough to head to the Bandit Camp. You will quickly get to a fork – the road with a sign and towers leads to the camp of bandits, and the road with wooden, semicircular structures will lead you to the Blister Burrow. Take the road with the wooden structures – after a while, you will stumble upon on an entrance to the cave. Enter it – you will see corpses right away; look for the Simple Bow there.

Cleaver Halberd

  • The leader of the bandits is using the aforementioned weapon. If you kill him, you will be able to obtain this weapon.

Cleaver Halberd is a two-handed weapon that deals 28 damage. It belongs to the leader of the Bandit Camp, that is, a location in the northern part of Chersonese – the place is marked on the map from the beginning of the game. In the location, you will meet several bandits, they are not particularly demanding opponents, so if you effectively avoid their attacks, then you should not have problems with them.

Fighting the leader of the bandits is a more difficult task. You have to constantly move during the fight because his blows deal great damage. Life Potion and a temporary weapon upgrade called the Ice Rag or Fire Rag can also come in handy – all of these items can be purchased from an alchemist named Helmi in Cierzo.

Brutal Club

  • In the throne room in the Bandit Camp, you will find a weapon called the Brutal Camp. The leader of the bandits has the key to the room.

After defeating the leader of bandits, be sure to search his corpse. In addition to the Cleaver Halberd, he also has a key to the adjacent throne room – you will recognize it with the entrance, built from a large barred door. Inside, you will find several useful items, most importantly, a one-handed weapon called the Brutal Club that deals 29 damage.

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  1. In the chest in bandit camp u may find different loot than the brutal club, I found a recurve bow and some cold stones. also u can open the door that requires the coils by just ‘talking’ with the metal pipe in the roof of said locked door, neats u the biggest bag in the game early on.

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