Outward – Call to Adventure Walkthrough

Call to Adventure Walkthrough

In Outward, you have to earn everything yourself. Your second task begins with collecting money to pay off your debts.

Your creditors will be waiting for you at the house. You have to get 150 silver for them because otherwise, they will take the house from you. You have 5 days to complete this part of the task.

You can get the money from your debtors who are sauntering around the city. The remaining money can be obtained by hunting and exploring the world. Sell all raw materials to earn the most money.

A good way to make money is to fight in a cave. There, you will acquire a large number of resources that are easy to sell in the city.

When you get the required amount, go to Rissy Aberdeen. This will unlock the home. Remember that when you’re collecting the money, you can freely use the home.

After getting the house back, the mission will be completed. However, if you do not manage to earn the money after five days, the mission will also end. Still, you will be able to get an apartment if you pay 300 silver to a woman – this task no longer has a time limit.


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