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Outward – Earn The 150 Silver

Earn The 150 Silver at The Beginning Your house in Outward is extremely important – you […]

Earn The 150 Silver at The Beginning

Your house in Outward is extremely important – you can use it to just kick back, store items, or cook. During your first visit to Cierzo, you will learn that your home will be taken away if you do not pay 150 silver within 5 days. At the beginning of the game, this amount seems large, but with a little effort, you can get it even in one day. Below, you will find several possible ways of earning money at the beginning of Outward – use them to get the 150 silver needed to get the Lighthouse back without any problems.


Collecting the amount is linked to the mission called Call to Adventure. If you do not collect the 150 silver within 5 days, the house will be taken away from you (you will not be able to enter it), but the mission will continue in the same way as in the case of timely repayment of the debt. Moreover, the house can be redeemed after the deadline, but you will have to pay 300 silver.

Gathering loot in the entire city

All items in the city can be picked up without any consequences.

Ransacking the city of Cierzo is the primary method of obtaining silver. Throughout the city, you will find a variety of items – you can freely take all of them, even in front of other characters. In particular, you should look for the following items:

  • Machete on the beach, Quarterstaff near the starting house, Felling Greataxe in front of the Town Hall, and Pitchfork near the Inn – the exact location of each weapon is described in the section entitled “Good weapons for the beginning” in our guide. Leave one of the weapons for yourself, and sell the rest. Remember not to buy better weapons from a merchant – one of the free weapons is enough to fight the hyenas, and purchasing weapons will make gathering the 150 silver more challenging.
  • Be sure to visit Cierzo Storage, a warehouse located in the western part of the city. A long wooden bridge leads to the entrance. Inside, you will find many items – you can sell them all except the pick (useful for digging ores). In the magazine, you will also find a recipe for the Gaberry Jam, i.e. jam from red fruits growing in the city and beyond.
  • Search only the illuminated part of the location, because there are several enemies further in the warehouse.
  • In the eastern part of the city is a building called the Town Hall. Enter it, and then go to the second floor. There (in a chest) you will find magic potions that temporarily boost your character’s stats. This is a useful potion, but if you want to raise money for the house, it is better to sell it.


Several fishing spots can be found on the beach in Cierzo.

Fish will not bring you a lot of silver, but getting them is very easy and fast. You just need to go to the place where the fish swim and then hold the right button. However, it is necessary to have the Fishing Harpoon, which you will find on the beach in Cierzo – go to the platform located behind a large building on the beach. When you fish for fishies, you will most often get little fish, but it can happen that you will get the more valuable shrimp or even some character gear.

Killing hyenas

You will meet hyenas throughout Chersonese, i.e. the land available after leaving the city.

A very good way to make money is to kill the hyenas – if you want to find them, just leave the city and move away from the walls. With each hyena, you will get at least one skin worth 5 silver, and often you will also get bones worth 8 silver. One of the weapons listed in the “Good weapons for the beginning” section should be enough to easily kill hyenas. Remember to keep moving during the battle to avoid as much damage as possible.

Making the jam

From the red Gaberry fruits, you can make jam.

In Cierzo and the area of Chersonese, you often find plenty of the fruits called Gaberry. Remember to collect them whenever you can. The fruits themselves cannot be sold (they can be consumed), but with the recipe of Gaberry Jam found in the Cierzo Storage, you can create jam from them, which can be then sold. One jam costs only 2 silver, but its production costs nothing. It is enough that you have collected at least 4 Gaberries and go to the kitchen in your home.

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  1. Other option is to get a tribal favour.
    If you leave town asap and head to the closest beach (south east of town) there is a survivor from the crash on the beach.
    They will be hurt and need bandages. The hollowed tree on the way down should give them to you. Fix him up and he will thank you with a tribal favour.

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