Outward – Travel Between Lands

Travel Between Lands

Outward consists of many lands, which differ in appearance, temperature, number of opponents and raw materials that can be gained in specified zone. Each land consists of many smaller areas and points of interest, such as caves or bandits’ camps, and larger ones, such as huge cities full of people.

How to get to another land?

To reach another land you have to set off on a journey to the end of the map – in other words you have to reach the arrow at the end of the current map. These places are passages to other parts of the world.

To enter another land, simply approach the gate and accept this interaction.

How much does it cost to travel?

You have to pay for the journey between the lands. The cost of travel between the lands is 3 Travel Ration. You can get them by performing quests or by crafting rations by yourself. You only need 2 servings of any food and 1 portion of salt.

If you don’t have a Travel Ration you won’t be able to leave the land, remember about it before you go on a trip.

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