Outward – Berg Walkthrough

Berg Side Walkthrough

Following the main story in Outward will take you to city of Berg. There, you will receive several side quests. You can get them by talking to other heroes and NPCs. Some of them will send you to search for new items, raw materials or weapons. As a reward for completing the tasks, you will usually get money or potions to regain your health.

Need: Beast Golem Scraps

You can get this mission from Ogoi, Kazite Assassin. He will ask you to bring two Beast Golem Scraps. You’ll get them in combat. Completing the task will be rewarded with money.

Alchemy: Cold Stone

The alchemist from Berg will ask you for a Cold Stone. You can prepare them with the Alchemy Kit.

To create this item, you need the Mana Stone and some Blue Sand. As a reward, you will receive 50 silver.

Need: Manticore Tail

This character will send you on a terrible hunt. The Royal Manticore is a formidable enemy located in the Enmerkar Forest, west of Berg. Your task is to kill the creature and bring its tail.

Before the fight, buy the antidote and items providing protection from “Decay” attacks.

Ledger to Monsoon

Shopkeeper Pleel will send you on a journey to Monsoon. It is enough to talk with the merchant to complete the mission.

Craft Copal & Petrified Armor

You will get this mission from a blacksmith. You must provide him with a copal and petrified. This way he will craft an armor for you.

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