Outward – Refill Oil in the Lamp?

Darkness in Outward can make things a lot more difficult. Moving in dark, open areas is difficult, and almost impossible in caves or dungeons. Because of this, you always need to have a light source with you. The easiest way is to use a torch, but this prevents using a shield or two-handed weapons. A much more convenient solution is to use a lamp attached to the backpack. This lamp, however, requires a constant supply of oil, so in this section, you will learn how to make oil (Thick Oil) for the lamp.

How to Refill Oil in the Lamp?

  • In the crafting menu, put the lamp and the Thick Oil, as in the image above – thus refilling the oil level in the lamp.

On each lamp (in the inventory or the quick access menu) you will see an oil level indicator – if it reaches the bottom, the lamp goes out. Filling the oil in the lamp, however, is very simple, and you need for this only the substance called the Thick Oil. Oil can be purchased from merchants in Cierzo or obtained during the exploration of the world – the bandits often have Thick Oil. After getting the oil, you go about refilling the lamp. To do this, open the crafting menu and select the “Manual Recipe” option. Then, place the lamp in the first position on the left of the page, and the Thick Oil on the other. With such a recipe, you will get a fully refueled lamp.

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