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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – City Layout Plan How to?

The Idea This is very simple matter to me: I always have a problem at the […]

The Idea

This is very simple matter to me: I always have a problem at the beginning of chapter 2 to decide what kind of buildings and structures should I choose to construct first?

You see, the problem is what thouse structures within every city/village are all use for? Do they have some critical meaning for the future of my kingdome or is it just irrelevant?

Well, it depends… If you strike down fast just to finish the game without any far more map and world detailing or any kingdome leveling, then NO. But if you are like me, who want to find out about everything the game has to offer, then YES!

All the structures you can build inside the walls of the village or city HAVE their own bonuses to kindome overall stats. And this is the best way to proceed with them in my own opinion ).

Tuskdale – Capital City

At the beginning of chapter 2 we can finally get access to our own Kingdome Manager System. We can also enter the Capital and see how it looks like:

9 square places around each other, two separate slots and wall place.

This is the moment you decide in which direction your city planning should go. There is many ways but only 450 BP to start wit. So – I decided that the best option for the start is to make the capital a little supporter to overall Kingdome Stats. To be more specific – the first 5: Community, Loyality, Military, Economy and Relations.

They are the Kingdome backbone really, so you always need them to be in high ranks. Not the mension, you need them to be at specific level in order to gain another regions.

My plan:

And yes, I know about the stupid idea of making a photo to my monitor by phone, but just let it be…

As you can see, I spent 355 BP to use all the space avaiable and the end result is written on summary on the left. Those combination of buildings and structures will give us much support at the start and we can easily level the basics stat ranks.

Naturally after some time we will upgrade the capital to bigger city and we will have much more places to build.

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