Payday 2 – Technician


Next the Technician skills:

Engineer subtree:

  • Third Law and Eco Sentrie Basic: To open up the skilltree.
  • Jack Of All Trades Aced: Being capable of carrying 2 different deployables is crucial for many of the stealth heists.

Breacher subtree:
Hardware Expert Aced: Having silent drills is important in many stealth heists and a 10% chance of the drill to be autorestarting is nice to have.

  • Drill Sawgeant Aced: Shorter drill times means completing the heist faster and over all less waiting time (Bank Heist).
  • Kickstarter Aced: Another 20% chance for the drill being an autorestarting drill upon placing and a 50% chance to instantly repair a broken drill with a melee attack is nice to have.
  • More Firepower Aced: Having 14 C4s in sensor mode can make otherwise hard heists like Framing Frame pretty easy to beat solo.

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