Sacred Gold – Vampires Guide

You can have a large Army of Vampires working for you.

Creating an Army

You need one Combat Art, Awaken Dead.

When you change into a Vampire, you can use the Awaken Dead to make a Minion Vampire.
In the beginning you can make two, if your CA is low enough.

-The problem comes when you change back into Human again.
Then the Minion Vampires dies… but there are two ways to keep them alive.

-In the guide the other talks about making the Vampire Minion at the precise time that you change back to Human… But that is hard to time.

-But if you save the game, just before you change back to human,
And then load that game again, You are Human, and your minion lives… (or are still undead.?)


Find a lone enemy, and turn yourself into Vampire form.
Kill the enemy, and Use “Awaken Dead”, to make it into a Vampire Minion.
Save game, load game…
(You can do both in the “Save Game” menu.)

Repeat until you have 4-5 Vampire Minions.

Always Attack single enemies, until you have 4-5 Minions.

‘Fun’ Enemies or larger Enemies

Every time you meet an enemy you want to make sure to turn…
Turn in Vampire, and kill that enemy, and use “Awaken Dead”.
And save/load, and you have a new minion.

Basic skill guide

You need the Combat Art, called “Awaken Dead”.
In the beginning Aim for level 3.
I keep it around 1/4 of my own level, but then I have only reached level 30.

When you are below level 3 in “Awaken Dead”, some of your Minoin does dies faster, than they can kill and turn new enemies.

Other skills

Defencive skills is important, because every enemy will aim at You…
Constitution, Agility and Physical Regeneration.

Thing to Avoid

-Weapons to Avoid… Posion Damage.
Never use weapons with posion Damage in the beginning, because the posion damage keeps working, when you “Awaken Dead”.

-Later when you have the Combat Art above 3, You can start to use Posion again.
It is one of the few ways to keep the Army size down.

-Large Armies… When you get above level 3 in “Awaken Dead”, your army will grow and grow.
-Every times you meet new stronger enemies, they might kill 2-3 of your Minions, but then you turn one of them, and then they are doomed.

Kill this guy, to complete the mission?
-When your army start to kill and Convert every enemys they meet, sometimes, they convert somebody you have to kill, to complete a mission…

-Then you have to “Turn into Vampire”, and then “Turn into Human” again.
That will also kill your Swarm…

-But You now know how to Awake another army.
(Go to a low level area, and start the army.)

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