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Phasmophobia All Cursed Possessions

Explore all cursed possessions in Phasmophobia and gain insights into their details using the comprehensive information provided in our guide.

All cursed possessions have been announced in Phasmophobia. So, if you wonder what these and their details are, take advantage of the information in our guide!

This is the guide Ali it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

All Cursed Possessions Explained

For a full list of all Cursed Posessions and their properties, check our guide.

  • Each map has fixed cursed object locations (there will always only be one cursed item each round)
  • You cannot use Cursed Items outside the map
  • Cursed Items can force hunts and will give you something and they will also take something
  • If you use a cursed item with insufficient sanity, it will break and cause a forced hunt. Every hunt after and including the forced hunt will be harder (20s longer – grace time reduced to 1s)
  • ALWAYS keep Lights on during cursed possensions to make escaping from Ghost easier (Keeping the light on also keeps your sanity more steady)


Mirror (Sanity 7,5% drain per second but min. 20% train -> ideally use around 3s) :

  • Will show you ghost room
  • NOTE Ghost ROOM not LOCATION therefore if during the game you see a different fav. room, the ghost has switched fav. room (exclude Goryo bc. hes unable to do that)

Vodoo Doll

Vodoo Doll (5% Sanity each Pin // 10% Sanity for Heart Pin) :

  • Has 10 pins -> RMB one random pin will be used -> FORCED Interaction (throw, lights, writing etc.) NOTE Mare cannot turen on light – Only Yurei can fully close door
  • The Pin on the Heart will cause a hunt

Music Box

Music Box (2,5% Sanity drain per second but only drains when you are close to the music box) :

  • Can only be used once
  • Bad on big Maps
  • Pretty Buggy
  • RMB and putting the Box on the ground will make the Ghost Sing -> You can find the ghost Location/Room
  • Don’t use too close to the Ghost
  • RMB and walking toward the Ghost will make the Ghost walk towards the Music Box -> Trigger Ghost Event (good for Ghost photos) -> Trigger Ghost Hunt

Summoning Circle

Summoning Circle (16% Sanity drain each candle for every player CLOSE to Summoning Circle) :

  • If you light all 5 candles it will trigger ghost event in the middle of the Summoning Circle (good for photos,motion sensior,salt and other obejectives)
  • Hunt can happen after using the Summoning Circle, but the hunt will start at the Summoning Circle
  • Completly unusable if you do not have enough sanity to light a candle (no hunt or anything)
  • Horrible cursed possession due to high sanity drain

Ouija Board

Ouija Board (every question other then the 2 mentioned will take roughly 10-30%)

  • You can ask questions after turning it on
  • Always say “GoodBye” when wanting to stop asking questions, otherwise if you move away from the Board, it will burn and cause a forced hunt (if voice recognition won’t work just go outside)
  • “Where are you” is a great question and will give you the CURRENT Ghost LOCATION not the Ghost ROOM (50% Sanity Drain if you are at 49% you will loose all your sanity, board will not answer, break and cause a forced hunt)
  • “Where is the Bone” will give you the Location of the Bone (great for Big maps also 50% Sanity Drain)
  • “Do you speak to everyone” is a question you can ask if its unsure who the ghost replies to (You can Turn Voice Recognition to “Text” to see some possible question you can ask)
  • If Ghost changes its age when asking the Ouija Board its always going to be a Thaye (expect its a a Mimic)
  • “Hide and Seek” will cause hunt
  • “Are you close” will give you yes or no, yes if you are in the Ghost room

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards (No sanity drain) :

  • Only completly ranodmized cursed posession
  • 10 Cards total
  • Each pull will give you 1 random card
  • “Hanged Man” has a 1% chance of appearing and will just kill the user straight away
  • “high priestess” has a 2% chance of appearing and will revive a dead player or grant the next person who is going to die a second life
  • “Wheel of Fortune” will either have red smoke and reduce the users sanity by 20% or have green smoke and increase the users sanity by 20%
  • “The Moon” will drain all of the users sanity
  • “The Sun” will fill your entire sanity
  • “The Devil” will trigger a ghost event no matter where you are or where the ghost is, the ghost will teleport towards you and trigger an event
  • “The Hermit” will lock the Ghost in the room it is currently in for 60s
  • “The Tower” will triger an Interaction (like the Vodoo Doll)
  • “Death” will trigger a forced hunt without you loosing your sanity
  • “The Fool” is a troll card, showing you one of the other cards but actually turning into a fool apon activation, doing absolutly nothing besides fooling you. Note that every Tarot Card DURING A HUNT will be a fool.

Monkey Paw

Monkey Paw (No Sanity drain, each wish will cost a finger) :

  • Has the hardest location (they are still fixed on every map)
  • Best cursed posession
  • You can pretty much do anything
  • “I wish to see the Ghost” will nearsight you but also trigger a ghost event wherever the ghost currently is and will trigger hunt afterwards
  • “I wish for activity” will increase the activity for the next 60s but it will destroy the breaker for the entire game and it will lock the door for those 60s
  • “I wish to trap the Ghost” will lock the doors of the room the ghost is currently in but will also lock the doors in the room you are currently in for 60s and will cause a hunt afterwards (only works if the room actually has doors)
  • -> you can find the Ghost room this way due to seeing the lock symbol on the locked door
  • “I wish for Sanity” will set the Sanity for the ENTIRE TEAM to 50% even if it was higher before BUT it will also change the Ghost Room even for Goryos AND will also drain your sanity 2x as fast from now on
  • “I wish to be safe” will unlock the clutter in the closest hiding spot such as closets but from this point onwards the ghost can find (only) the user EVERYWHERE on the Map when you are talking or using electronics
  • “I wish to leave” will unlock the front door but it will freeze and nearsight the player for 3s.
  • “I wish to reviven my friend” will revive the first player who has died BUT has a 50% of KILLING the user
  • “Weather” lets you change the weather
  • “I wish for knowledge” will rule out on of the evidences BUT it will trigger a hunt close to the player using the wish AND it will freeze the player for 3s AND will nearsight and muffle your audio FOR THE REST OF THE GAME
  • -> Only use in a hiding spot


Some helpful Knowledge for playing with cursed posessions :

  • Some ghosts have a tendancy to do specific ghost events e.g Mares have a higer change for Light Breaks, Oni cannot do th Airball ghost event, Banshee will do singing ghost events more often
  • If you use the Summoning Circle or the Music box and the ghost that shows up is a shadow ghost model its is a 100% a Shade
Written by Ali

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