Phasmophobia Gold Apocalypse Guide

Uncover spooky beauties in the Gold Apocalypse Update of Phasmophobia! Explore all the details in the Phasmophobia Gold Apocalypse guide for a thrilling experience.

The Gold Apocalypse Update for Phasmophobia has added all the mannerisms of spooky beauties to the game. So what is this Golden Apocalypse? Here in this Phasmophobia Gold Apocalypse guide you can find all the details you need about the golden apocalypse.

This is the guide Chen it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Phasmophobia Gold Apocalypse Guide

This Phasmophobia Gold Apocalypse guide will show you all details about gold apocalypse in Phasmophobia.


1) Play at custom difficulty with x15 multiplier.
Note: There is a preset difficulty that you can choose so that you don’t have to adjust manually and break your fingers

Golden Apocalypse Cheese Guide
Golden Apocalypse Cheese Guide

2) Guess the ghost correctly

3) Complete all 3 objectives

4) Get a ghost photo (star quality doesn’t matter)


1) Get all tier 3 items (lv90)

Tier 3 items required

  • Head Gear (Night Vision Goggles)
  • Incense (Smudge Sticks)
  • Photo Camera
  • Firelight (Lantern)
  • Motion Sensor
  • Lighter
  • Crucifix (optional)
  • Parabolic Microphone (optional)


  • See better
  • Longest stun time (you don’t want to die when you actually face a Deogen)
  • Fastest Photo Taking
  • Won’t burn out
  • Can cover ground ghost
  • Won’t use up so easily
  • Highest hunt prevention
  • Can see where and what is happening, including hunt location, items throwing frequency, etc.
  • Tier 2 items
    – Salt Explanation
  • You might not want to slow the ghost, in case it hunts nearby you, or waste a crucifix charge.


The plan is to get a Deogen. If you know what the ghost is, you don’t need to identify or guess it. In case you don’t know, a Deogen will always know where you are and hunt you at high speed, but the closer it is to you, the slower it will get. With that in mind, the ghost will never ever catch you IF you are constantly running away from him (even at 150% ghost speed and 50% player speed).


Best objectives

  • Capture a photo of the ghost
  • Cleanse the area near the ghost using Smudge Sticks
  • Detect a ghost’s presence with a Motion Sensor
  • Get the Ghost to blow out a Candle
  • Have a member of the team escape the Ghost during a Hunt.
  • Repel the Ghost with a Smudge Stick while it’s chasing someone
  • Get an average sanity below 25% (Though I have never seen this appear)


  • You will need a ghost photo anyways
  • Required to run away from ghost in the first hunt
  • Can be done when it hunts you during the first hunt
  • Can be done when it hunts you during the first hunt, and can be looped around the chapel, which has a lot of candles.
  • You will escape the ghost hunt
  • Required to run away from ghost in the first hunt

Good objectives

  • Find evidence of paranormal activity with an EMF Reader


  • You can get EMF Reading at doors the ghost touched after a hunt. (Your choice if you want to use this objective)

Bad objectives

  • Have a member of your team witness a Ghost event
  • Prevent the ghost from hunting with a Crucifix
  • Detect a paranormal sound with a Parabolic Microphone


  • The ghost will hunt you more than doing some random ghost event
  • You will probably die before you stop the hunt
  • You probably don’t know where the ghost room is


Throw your stuff inside the mansion from outside.

  • Photo Camera
  • Crucifix
  • Smudge Sticks (2>)
  • Lighter
  • Motion Sensor
  • Firelight

Take more than 1 smudge inside the house, in case it hunts again when you are escaping it or any emergency.

Set up your stuff as follow

Golden Apocalypse Cheese Guide

The crucifix around the white door frame entrance, motion sensor too if you have the objective. The photo has salt placed, but you don’t need to place it yet, that will be for plan B. Crucifix is important so that it won’t hunt on you and die instantly. Make sure the motion sensor covers the entire door.

Now that the setup is done, stand you ground and prepare for battle at the entrance.

Golden Apocalypse Cheese Guide

When the entrance door closes, wait around 20 seconds. Around the 10 seconds mark, if you hear fast footsteps getting louder, then you might be in luck. If not, restart the game.

If you see the ghost after that, and it starts to slow down as it is getting closer to you, Congratulations, it MIGHT be a Deogen (There is a chance it is a mimic). Take 1 or 2 photos, then smudge it and run past it and run towards the chapel. Do not be greedy and die, you can always continue to take photos as you are looping it around the chapel.

Loop it around the chapel until the hunt ends, and then escape.

Golden Apocalypse Cheese Guide


If you still have objectives undone, go back into the mansion and wait at the entrance until it hunts (basically repeat step 2). It’s because the entrance is relatively long, so you won’t get caught off guard and die. Finish up your remaining tasks (ghost photo, objectives). Loop around the chapel, then leave.

After the 1st hunt, you might opt not to leave the mansion right away, and stand in the middle of the chapel as it is the safest area.

Golden Apocalypse Cheese GuideGolden Apocalypse Cheese Guide

Since you can hear and see the ghost coming towards you, you will not need a smudge stick to run past it, just run the opposite direction and loop it.

Make sure you have

  • Ghost Photo
  • 3 Objectives Done

before you leave


If the ghost did NOT hunts, but did not find you, then you know that it is a MIMIC.


Hunt started, and you don’t think it is a Deogen. But the crucifix below you just burned. There are 2 possibilities:

  1. You are in the ghost room
  2. The ghost is either a Wraith, Banshee, or Phantom.

You can verify this by having it hunt again, and check it still uses up a Crucifix, or this time, you can’t hear footsteps at all.

Wraith and Banshee can teleport to the player and do stuff (or hunt) around the player. Phantom has a chance to walk all the way to the player. If you are lucky, you might encounter a ghost event, which means easy photo! So make sure you know where your camera is, or keep it close to you.

There isn’t any safe spots around the entrance, so I would just hide here and pray.

Golden Apocalypse Cheese Guide

If it still uses up a Crucifix, take note that it could be that it uses it’s ability again and hunted, thought extremely unlikely.


Set up your entrance as follow, now with salt and motion sensor (if you haven’t put it down):

Golden Apocalypse Cheese Guide

Make sure you placed down 3 salt (left, right, middle), so that there is no chance the ghost miss the salt. (There was once the ghost walked in between 2 salt, and didn’t step on either salt).

Now camp at the blue spot, and wait until your motion sensor blinks.

Golden Apocalypse Cheese Guide

Make sure you look at the motion sensor, because you can know if the ghost walks towards you, or teleport to you, and then walks away from you. (Read how motion sensors work if you don’t know what I am talking about).

If the motion sensor blinks, check the salt. If not disturbed, it’s a Wraith.

If salt is disturbed, make your judgement based on how the motion sensor reacts.


The motion sensor will points towards the ghost when it ENTERS and LEAVES it’s field. so when your motion sensor beeped, and it is pointing at the entrance direction, then the other way, you know it’s a wraith. If it’s the other way round, you know it’s a phantom.


After you have a good guess of what the ghost is, it’s time to do the objectives and take the ghost photo.

I would recommend to take the photo in the chapel, and hide behind the piano after. It is not a 100% safe spot, but is relatively good, and is near to the entrance.

Golden Apocalypse Cheese Guide

Location of piano:

Golden Apocalypse Cheese Guide

Bring your stuff slowly around the piano, important stuff includes

  • Crucifix
  • Smudge
  • Photo Camera
  • Whatever you need for objectives

When it hunts, look out for footsteps, use your global voice to lure the ghost over. If it is normal speed, try to take ONE photo and smudge it. You can afford to take 1-2 photos again before you run behind the piano and hide. Remember to take off your headlight.


  1. When doing plan B, avoid putting salt in the chapel. There is a chance that you take a disturbed salt photo over a ghost photo
  2. Patience is key
  3. You can double confirm it is a deogen by doing the same smudge and loop thing again
  4. Look at the ground when finding the ghost. A standing ghost is easy to see, what is not is crawling or baby ghost.
Written by Chen

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