The Talos Principle 2 – Labeled Maps (Puzzles, Collectibles, etc)

Discover all in The Talos Principle 2 with labeled maps. Our guide has fully unlocked versions of all 12 maps and key location!

Thanks to the labeled maps, you’ll easily find everything you’re looking for in The Talos Principle 2. Our guide includes the fully unlocked versions of all 12 maps in the game, along with screenshots of key locations!

This guide and images were created by Mesolimbic. If you would like to support the author, you can do so through the author’s Ko-fi link here. Thanks!

Labeled Maps for Puzzles, Collectibles, Lore, Path

The 12 spacious biomes in TTP2 are no doubt the main focus of the game, each featuring a variety of winding paths, secret areas, hidden collectibles, and more. So why not map it out? For some of the more intricate areas, it can be easy to miss some important items and lore, so the goal was to make these maps as complete as possible. Each of these top-down maps cover:

  • Spawn & Gate ring
  • Main paths
  • Normal / Lost / Gold puzzles
  • Lost lab
  • Both monuments
  • Both sparks (and blue chasable spark if applicable)
  • Terminals
  • Human artifacts (note: some have multiple potential locations)
  • Remnants & Straton
  • Switches (if applicable)

If anyone notices something missing or incorrect, on any of the maps, please let me know!

A small note about cropping and lasers:

A trade-off I had to make in some cases was to crop out far away items in order to keep the map at a reasonable zoom. However the item will still be listed with an arrow and text description.

This applies to East 1, North 1, and North 2.

Also, apologies the tower lasers show up in the background since I already had the areas completed.
While it shouldn’t be too bad, I plan to edit these out once all 12 maps are done.

Future Updates:

Once all 12 maps are completed, I plan to add a few additional features such as Sphinx puzzle screenshots, Pandora lasers, and labeling which terminals have Trevor & Lifthrasir’s audio logs.

Grasslands Ring Map

Wooded Plateau Map

Eastern Wetlands Map

Desolate Island Map

Flooded Valley Map

Lost Marshes Map

Southern Coast Map

Verdant Canyon Map

Coming soon!

Circular Oasis Map

Western Delta Map

Comprehensive labeled maps of each area (all puzzles, collectibles, lore, etc) | [WIP - 9/12 Complete]

Anthropic Hills Map

Coming soon!

High Plain Map

Coming soon!

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