Planet Zoo – Manager Mode

Manager Mode This is what I call the small radar looking icon in the far lower […]

Manager Mode

This is what I call the small radar looking icon in the far lower left corner. It allows you to select different views to check on your zoo.

You can see in the picture above the radar icon glowing green, since it is toggled on.

  • Animal Welfare: This allows you to check on your animals and see if any are suffering negatively.
  • Habitat: This has a drop down menu of two selectable options, those being weak points in the habitat barrier and the amount of usable shelter.
  • Temperature: This shows you your habitat temperatures. Shade from plants and buildings, and items like water and sprinklers, can help keep your animals cooler.
  • Water: This shows you the water you have in your zoo, and any water treatment facilities.
  • Power: This shows you where your power transformers are, their area of coverage, and any buildings that require power.
  • Buildings: This shows you happiness rating for buildings, and can help you find one that is broken down, inaccessible, or otherwise performing poorly.
  • Negative Impact On Guests: As the name suggests, this one shows you the negative influence bubble around facility buildings, and you can check to see if they overlap any guest paths.
  • Education: This will show you all education items within your park, and if they are in working order.
  • Guest Needs: this will highlight your guests, and show you their mood. You can change the drop down box to have it show you other needs.

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