Pokemon Lets Go – Catch Combo How to?

In Pokemon Lets Go Catch Combos can elevate your catching, training, and Shiny-hunting game exponentially. Here’s what Catch Combos are, and how they can help you.

Pokemon Lets Go What is a Catch Combo?

Pokemon lets go Catch Combo 1

Each time you consecutively capture the same species of Pokemon, a combo counter will start to appear, and chaining together combos has hidden benefits. Here’s how to keep your Catch Combo going.

  • Catch any Pokemon to start – for example, a Geodude. The more common that Pokemon, the easier it will be to “chain” it.
  • Avoid every other Pokemon species. If you run into a Pokemon that is different, it will break your Catch Combo Chain.
  • Continue catching the same species of Pokemon.
  • If a Pokemon runs away, your chain will break.
  • As long as you don’t break the chain, you can fly to other areas on the map and still receive the same benefits, detailed below.
  • So far, we believe a chain of 31 is what’s necessary to obtain max benefits.

Pokemon Lets Go Catch Combo Perks & Benefits

You gain a lot of benefits by racking up a large Catch Combo.

  • Pokemon you catch at higher combos will have better stats!
  • Rare and evolved Pokemon will spawn – like Chansey and the Original Kanto Starters.
  • Shiny Pokemon spawns will increase.
  • You’ll get a Catch Combo Bonus Multiplier, increasing the amount of Exp. Points you get.
  • More stat candy will be rewarded, making this an efficient way to grind to get your Pokemon’s stats up. See the Pokemon Candy Guide for more information about Candy.

Once you’ve started a streak in one location, you can travel anywhere in the game and its effects will continue, so you can find different rare species no matter where you go.

But be careful! If a Pokemon runs away or if you catch any Pokemon other than the species you have a streak for, your combo will end and you’ll be back to square one.


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