Pokemon Let’s Go – Evolution Items

Evolution Items

The following items can be found in the game. For more information on obtaining a specific item, refer to the respective walkthrough pages.

Item Name Description Location Buy Sell
Fire Stone Use to evolve Growlithe, Vulpix and Eevee Celadon Dept. Store 2100 1050
Leaf Stone Used to evolve Gloom, Weepinbell and Exeggcute Celadon Dept. Store 2100 1050
Moon Stone Used to evolve Nidorino, Nidorina, Clefairy and Jigglypuff Mt. Moon, Rocket Hideout, Route 2, Pokemon Mansion
Rare Candy Instant level gain Various 2400
Thunder Stone Used to evolve Pikachu and Eevee Celadon Dept. Store 2100 1050
Water Stone Used to evolve Poliwhirl, Shellder, Staryu and Eeve Celadon Dept. Store 2100 1050
Moon Stones can be tough to find, as they aren’t available for purchase. However, there is one place that has a Moon Stone every 24 hours in both LGP and LGE.

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