X4 Foundations – Lockbox Mission

Lockboxes Use of the long range scanner or flying in the right place at the right […]


Use of the long range scanner or flying in the right place at the right time will reveal Lockboxes floating in space. Lockboxes require the player to accurately shoot between 1-16 glowing red locks off the spinning box to open it without dealing enough damage to destroy the box along with the contents. Lockboxes usually drop items for the player inventory with the number of dropped wares being proportional to the number of locks.

Your Long Range Scan Mode can be used to ping just about anything. The Lock Boxes will show up in an area after a ping scan, provided you ping INTO the area. The LRS ping is directional, so it’s important you get on the edge of the area and ping inwards.

Once the ping hits an object, you’ll hear some jingles like someone hitting a wine glass with a spoon. For the lock boxes, they’re non-special, so they’ll make the low jingle like everything else. Use your map to look for question mark (?) unknown objects.

Left click an unknown object and hit T to target it, and you’ll be able to orient your nose on it.

Fly in close, and if it’s the lock box, it will identify as such. The lockbox itself looks like a long cargo container with an emergency light spinning on it. You cannot collect the lock box, and DO NOT shoot it.

Instead, what you will need is a hand laser and the space suit.

Go EVA and fly to the side of the lock box with the light. Switch to your hand laser and aim at the small ring of metal around the light. Shoot this with your hand laser. This may take a few attempts, so be patient, and watch where the impact of the laser is hitting. You will be successfull when the lock box ‘explodes’ releasing its contents.

When it does so, return to your ship and use your container collector to pick up the contents.

Repeat as necessary for the number of objects in the mission.

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