Pokemon Lets Go – Pokemons Hidden Power

Pokemons Hidden Power

The Type for the attack Hidden Power is calculated entirely on the Individual Values of your Pokemon. Hidden Power is a special move that can use one of the eighteen different types of a Pokemon (e.g. Grass, Electric, Dragon, etc).

Hyper Training

With Bottle Caps you can purchase Hyper Training for a Lv. 100 Pokemon that superficially increases its stats to reflect what they would be as if its IVs were 31. In other words, if you Hyper Train a Pokemon’s Speed, it will then rise to match what it would be as if its IV were 31.

Pokemon Characteristics

Characteristics shown at each Pokemon’s summary screen usually shows the best IV out of all their stats. However, it doesn’t tell you exactly how good their best stat is. It’s possible their best stat only lands a 9 in the 0-31 IV Scale! Each characteristic will be under a certain IV. For example “Proud of its Power” is for the Attack stat and “Loves to Eat” is for the HP Stat.

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