Pokemon Sleep Recipes

When learning about Pokemon and their sleep patterns, don't forget to feed Snorlax. Learn about the recipes and ingredients in our Pokemon Sleep Recipes guide!

When learning about Pokemon and their sleep patterns, you should also pay attention to and feed Snorlax, who helps you learn. You need to feed Snorlax with one of the three food types on a weekly basis. Snorlax loves curries and chowders, salads, or desserts. So, let’s take a look at all the recipes in Pokemon Sleep and the list of ingredients that will help you make them in our Pokemon Sleep Recipes guide!

Pokemon Sleep Recipes

In this Pokemon Sleep Recipes comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of Pokemon Sleep recipes and how they can enhance Snorlax’s Drowsy Power, attracting more Pokemon to your camp while you slumber. Discover the ins and outs of feeding Snorlax and the different types of meals it craves. We’ll provide you with a complete list of recipes and tips to make your Snorlax even stronger. Let’s get started on your journey to master the art of cooking in Pokemon Sleep!


Snorlax’s Drowsy Power lures Pokemon to your camp while you’re asleep, a natural ability Snorlax possesses. To enhance this power, you can strengthen it by feeding Snorlax meals and berries throughout the day.

Every week, the Snorlax at your campsite will have a craving for curries, desserts/drinks, or salads. Different recipes call for specific ingredients, which are gathered by your helper Pokemon. Initially, during the early days of the game, you can only mix random ingredients for cooking. However, as you progress, you’ll gain the ability to select and experiment with ingredients to follow specific recipes.

How Cooking Works in Pokemon Sleep

You can feed Snorlax breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily in Pokemon Sleep by tapping on its belly. Snorlax’s feeding times are as follows:

  • Breakfast: 6.00 am – 12.00 pm
  • Lunch: 12.00 pm – 6.00 pm
  • Dinner: 6.00 pm – 6.00 am

Your Pokemon team collects the ingredients needed for Snorlax’s meals, so be sure to befriend Pokemon attracted to your camp during the night.

You can only start using recipes to prepare meals once you have unlocked 12 different sleep types.

Each Snorlax you raise has its own preferred foods. Feeding Snorlax its favorite meal type will further boost its strength.

Curry & Chowder Recipes

MealDescriptionIngredients Required
Mixed CurryAny random selection of ingredients
Fancy Apple CurryA simple curry that highlights the natural sweetness of its applesFancy Apple – 7x
Solar Powered Tomato CurryA curry made using tomatoes that have turned bright red in the sunFiery Herb – 10x, Snazzy Tomato – 5x
Beanburger CurryThe star of this curry is the tender bean pattiesBean Sausage – 7x
Mild Honey CurryA mild curry brimming with honey, a favorite among kidsHoney – 7x
Drought Katsu CurryThe freshly-fried cutlet sparkles with freshnessBean Sausage – 7x, Pure Oil – 5x
Grilled Tail CurryThe delectable tail enhances the curry roux’s flavorSlowpoke Tail – 8x, Fiery Herb – 25x
Dream Eater Butter CurryAll ingredients in this curry have a connection to deep sleepSoft Potato – 18x, Snoozy Tomato – 15x, Soothing Cacao – 12x, Moomoo Milk – 10x
Spicy Leek CurryThe roasted leeks add fragrant sweetness, perfectly balancing the spicy rouxLarge Leek – 14x, Warming Ginger – 10x, Fiery Herb – 8x
Spore Mushroom CurryA curry that puts you to sleep just as surely as the move SporeTasty Mushroom – 14x, Soft Potato – 9x
Egg Bomb CurryA love-filled curry with ingredients tailored for kidsHoney – 12x, Fancy Apple – 11x, Fancy Egg – 8x, Soft Potato – 4x
Hearty Cheeseburger CurryThis voluminous curry is impressive enough to astonish even a SnorlaxMoomoo Milk – 8x, Bean Sausage – 8x
Soft Potato ChowderA thick chowder made from potatoes boiled until they nearly meltMoomoo Milk – 10x, Soft Potato – 8x, Tasty Mushroom – 4x
Simple ChowderYou can truly savor the richness of milk in this uncomplicated chowderMoomoo Milk – 7x
Ninja CurryThis tofu curry is rumored to be a favorite among ninjasGreengrass Soybeans – 15x, Bean Sausage – 9x, Large Leek – 9x, Tasty Mushroom – 5x
Meaty Omelette CurryThis curry features a masterfully-cooked omelette that simply melts in the mouthFancy Egg – 10x, Snoozy Tomato – 6x
Bulk-Up Bean CurryA hearty curry filled with nutrients for bulking upGreengrass Soybeans – 12x, Bean Sausage – 6x, Fiery Herb – 4x, Fancy Egg – 4x
Pokemon Sleep Curry & Chowder Recipes

Salad Recipes

MealDescriptionIngredients Required
Mixed SaladAny random selection of ingredients
Bean Ham SaladThis simple salad features ham made from bean sausages.Ham – 14x, Fancy Apple – 9x
Snoozy Tomato SaladThe Snoozy Tomatoes in this simple salad are a great aid for sleep.Snoozy Tomato – 8x
Fancy Apple SaladA simple salad accentuated by a mashed apple dressing.Fancy Apple – 8x
Heat Wave Tofu SaladA tofu salad covered in a bright red spicy sauce.Fiery Herb – 6x, Greengrass Soybeans – 10x
Slowpoke Tail Pepper SaladThe mouth-tinglingly spicy pepper highlights the sweetness of the tail.Slowpoke Tail – 10x, Fiery Herb – 10x, Pure Oil – 15x
Snow Cloak Caesar SaladA bacon salad topped with a generous snowy sprinkling of cheese.Moomoo Milk – 10x, Bean Sausage – 6x
Spore Mushroom SaladA salad rich in minerals that improve the quality of sleep.Tasty Mushroom – 17x, Snoozy Tomato – 8x, Pure Oil – 8x
Gluttony Potato SaladThis potato salad contains just a hint of flavor from the Fancy Apples.Soft Potato – 14x, Fancy Egg – 9x, Bean Sausage – 7x, Fancy Apple – 6x
Water Veil Tofu SaladA salad topped with wobbly cubes of tofu.Greengrass Soybeans – 10x, Snoozy Tomato – 6x
Superpower Extreme SaladA hefty salad that provides all your daily nutrients at once.Bean Sausage – 9x, Warming Ginger – 6x, Fancy Egg – 5x, Soft Potato – 3x
Moomoo Caprese SaladA basic salad containing only cheese, tomatoes, and a splash of oil.Moomoo Milk – 12x, Snoozy Tomato – 6x, Pure Oil – 5x
Contrary Chocolate Meat SaladThe savory sauce and sweet chocolate sauce let you enjoy a mix of flavors.Soothing Cacao – 14x, Bean Sausage – 9x
Overheat Ginger SaladThis salad’s special ginger dressing warms you through and through.Fiery Herb – 17x, Warming Ginger – 10x, Snoozy Tomato – 8x
Immunity Leek SaladThe crisp leeks in this salad do wonders for the immune system.Large Leek – 10x, Warming Ginger – 5x
Dazzling Apple Cheese SaladThe simple seasoning keeps the focus on the sublime pairing of ingredients.Fancy Apple – 15x, Moomoo Milk – 5x, Pure Oil – 3x
Ninja SaladNinjas cannot resist the flavor of this tofu salad. It’s eaten in a flash!Large Leek – 15x, Greengrass Soybeans – 15x, Tasty Mushroom – 12x, Warming Ginger – 11x
Pokemon Sleep Salad Recipes

Dessert Recipes

MealDescriptionIngredients Required
Mixed JuiceAny random selection of ingredients
Fancy Apple JuiceA rich juice containing only the very best applesFancy Apple – 8x
Fluffy Sweet PotatoesThese perfectly ripe potatoes don’t rely on honey to deliver a sweet kickSoft Potato – 9x, Moomoo Milk – 5x
Steadfast Ginger CookiesThese cookies give you the power to tackle hardships without crumblingHoney – 14x, Warming Ginger – 12x, Soothing Cacao – 5x, Fancy Egg – 4x
Craft Soda PopA highly carbonated artisan sodaHoney – 9x
Ember Ginger TeaApples have been added to the spicy ginger, helping the tea go down easilyWarming Ginger – 9x, Fancy Apple – 7x
Jigglypuff’s Fruity FlanA very special flan that’s as springy as a balloonHoney – 20x, Fancy Egg – 15x, Moomoo Milk – 10x, Fancy Apple – 10x
Lovely Kiss SmoothieA relaxing drink that soothes your weariness and envelops you in sleepFancy Apple – 11x, Moomoo Milk – 9x, Honey – 7x, Soothing Cacao – 8x
Lucky Chant Apple PieThe chunky pieces of apple in this pie are lucky finds!Fancy Apple – 12x, Moomoo Milk – 4x
Neroli’s Restorative TeaA special restorative tea made by Professor NeroliWarming Ginger – 11x, Fancy Apple – 15x, Tasty Mushroom – 9x
Sweet Scent Chocolate CakeNeither people nor Pokemon can resist the lure of this cake’s sweet aromaHoney – 9x, Soothing Cacao – 8x, Moomoo Milk – 7x
Warm Moomoo MilkMoomoo Milk that has been heated to further draw out its sweetnessMoomoo Milk – 7x
Cloud Nine Soy CakeA soy cake with a nice, light textureFancy Egg – 8x, Greengrass Soybeans – 7x
Hustle Protein SmoothieA glass of this sweet smoothie goes down a treat after a training sessionGreengrass Soybeans – 15x, Soothing Cacao – 8x
Stalwart Vegetable JuiceAn easy-to-make juice with natural sweet and sour flavorsSnoozy Tomato – 9x, Fancy Apple – 7x
Big MalasadaA special fried bread made using a recipe from the Alola regionPure Oil – 10x, Moomoo Milk – 7x, Honey – 6x
Huge Power Soy DonutsSoy donuts fried to crisp perfection. They’re bodybuilders’ friendsPure Oil – 9x, Greengrass Soybeans – 6x, Soothing Cacao – 7x
Pokemon Sleep Dessert Recipes

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