POSTAL 4 No Regerts Achievements Guide

Welcome to our POSTAL 4 No Regerts Achievements Guide. This guide will show you the achievements you need in the game.

POSTAL 4 No Regerts Achievements Guide

All achievements in the game! Work in progress…

Look ma, I’m a HOBO!

Story tied, unmissable.

At the beginning of the game, simply pick up a piece of cardboard and a marker and make a sign


POSTAL 4 No Regerts Achievements Guide
POSTAL 4 No Regerts Achievements Guide


POSTAL 4 No Regerts Achievements Guide
POSTAL 4 No Regerts Achievements Guide

Don’t forget to wash your hands!

Flush after taking a piss in a toilet.

For some reason I couldnt get the achievement using this type of toilets:

Achievements Guide
Achievements Guide

Had to use this toilet:

Achievements Guide
Achievements Guide

You can find it here:

Achievements Guide
Achievements Guide

Simply pee a bit in a toilet, then flush by pressing E

PISSASSO – POSTAL 4 No Regerts Achievements Guide

Turn 10 toilets yellow with piss

Despite having graphics on ultra I didnt see toilets turning yellow when pissing in em, so just keep pissing in and around every toilet you see until the achievement pops. Happy pissing.

And remember, respect is everything!

Reach maximum heat level with the police and survive!

Keep causing mayhem until you get this maximum heat level:

The easiest and fastet way is by killing cops.

Then hide somewhere and wait for it to cool off.

One Side, Gramps

Run over 50 people with the mobility scooter.

Pretty straightforward one, simply keep hitting people until you get the achievement. You dont have to kill them, just run em over.

Yippee Ki-Yay

Kill 7 people at the same time using Dude Eye

First you have to load the Dude Eye by killing people or animals using a revolver:

Once full, find a bunch of people, either on a crowded street or at a disco etc. Hold down RMB and aim at a persons head, it will get marked with a little target symbol. Aim at six more people while NOT LOSING SIGHT OF ALREADY MARKED PEOPLE (otherwise their mark will disappear). Once you marked 7 people let go of RMB and youll execute em all.

You can make your life a little easier by:

Increasing population in the settings so that you can find more people at any one place,
Using catnip to slow down time to make it easier to mark people before they run away.

Can we fix it? No we can’t! – POSTAL 4 No Regerts Achievements Guide

Hit all barrels with an immigrant during the Border Smuggler errand

First two barrels:

The last barrels:

Highscore, what does that mean?

Beat all highscores of the Scooter Challenge

Just finish first:

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