Potionomics Make Money Guide

Welcome to our Potionomics Make Money Guide. This guide will show you the basics of profit […]

Welcome to our Potionomics Make Money Guide. This guide will show you the basics of profit making and STONK market HEGEMONY (click trap). There are a few things that will have an impact on potion prices. Here they are!

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Potionomics game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Potionomics guide.

Potionomics Make Money Guide

So I’ve been playing this game for a little bit, and just want to share a few tricks.This is only based on my experience tho. There are several things that will have effect on the potion prices.
1) The most important thing is the grade of the potion not only if it will increase the base price, some custom order need a certain grades of potion to complete.The grade is based on total magimins of potion + the Balance of magimins(1-2 stars)
2) Haggling is the most certain ways to increase a potion price in % modifier.But beware of the stress increase by the costumers(the stress decrease automatically by 10 per day).The card in the deck can be increase by improving relationship with NPC(this cost 1 time).
3) RNG event effect on the day is a modifier either good or bad that randomed at the start of the day.Also on the last few days 7-9 the Boss of that week will put debuff on you on that day.(this increase or decrese the prices of potions by a lot around 50% I think)
4) Luna market manipulation(you can meet luna on day 13).You can pay her to manipulate market by tier I 20% tier II 40% tier III 60%(not sure)
5) 5 trait of a potion each trait increase or decrease price by 5 % which can also be manipulate with roxanne after you beat her.
6) The shelves you have each tier an increasing base modifier tier I 5% tier II 10% and so on + bonus for certains type of potions.
7) Aging Barrel increase price of potion by aging them

Useful Tips

1) Increasing rank in relation ships with NPC to 4 and 8 will give you a coupon: on Quinn 10 % and 20% decrease in price, Muktuk 15% and 30% decrease in price etc. Will save you a LOT of money so be nice to your virtual friends.

2) Uses the card NPC gives you it is much more efficient than your base card

3) Unlock Xid as fast as possible he has a base 6 mana and 5 tolerance which save you a mana potion and the best adventure you can get before unlocking Corsac.

4) The rare ingredient that has 4 or 5 magimins doesn’t matter in the first 3 boss (week) of the game.So don’t invest too much to get it you can unlock it later in the game by adventuring deeper anyway.
4.2) The high magimin count ingredient are

  • 1.multiple magimins ingredient
  • 2.Ingredient with bad trait
  • The are very useful in growing ingredient after you unlock garden(after defeating corsac)
    4.3)The ingredient with bad trait often have high magimin count and is very cheap in comparison so stock buying them and feeding them to your slime in the garden to grow more expensive to buy ingredient. Slime eating same magimin type get double growth point

    5) Don’t hangout it’s a waste of time, give gifts instead.

    6) Using hay is the most cost efficient fuel in the early game(you may need wood to construct something) But of course not Time efficient
    Hay: 1 time/10 g wood: 2 time/20 g mushroom/cactus: 3 time / 50g
    Coral/Thunder log/Cocoon: 4time/110 gold

    7)At 7 ingredient count in your brew it increase potion output to 4

    STONK market HEGEMONY Startegy

    So I’ve tried to make a lot of money and for now the best way I’ve found is for you to make only a single types of potions to sale and use Luna to manipulate the market(it last for 2 days so choose it first then make potions to match it) and Roxanne can bend more than 1 sense at a time on late game so thats makes a huge modifier.Then sell the potions on the shelves that match it if possible.
    WARNING if you got unlucky and got an RNG decrease modifier on the same new day its not going to makes that much profit.
    (optional) Make stocks of potion first then age all of them then sell later

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