Potionomics Quinn’s Card Unlock

Welcome to our Potionomics Quinn’s Card Unlock guide. This guide will show you how to unlock […]

Welcome to our Potionomics Quinn’s Card Unlock guide. This guide will show you how to unlock all of Quinn’s cards. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Potionomics game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Potionomics guide.

Potionomics Quinn’s Card Unlock

The basic of the game:

1. Passing a turn will cost n patience where n is the number of the turn.
2. You will have all the patience points that you can use for that customer.
3. Customer will attack you with price decrease, or a debuff that weakens your card, shield, even worse, stress.

Quinn’s card :

Quinn is the ingredient merchant that is chaotic. Their deck has all the aggro and tempo cards. Their later cards feature high risk and high return cards. They usually don’t do much alone. You can see that by there is no direct attack card other the Press the Attack. But combine with other character unlocks, especially with Xid, Muktok, Corsac, Mint, and Baptiste, it offers significant support.

Because their coupon unlock is ingredient price decrease by 10 and 25% at rank 5 and rank 8, you will have a lot of affinity with them, anyway.

Rank 1 – Plant the Seed

Quinn's Card unlock

The first card they give it to you. Takes turns to make it effective. …
Not recommended.
24 interest with 3 turns to take effect, minimum 6 patience points in total.

Rank 2 – Press the Attack

Quinn's Card unlock

Gives 1 draw and 5 interest. A good early drawing card.

Drawing more card is never bad. Take it.

Rank 3 – Shock Factor

Quinn's Card unlock

2 cost with 17Opener, which is more than MukTuk’s Enthusiasm, 3 cost 17 points. However, if you play it later, its just 10 interest with penalties. Situational, but a good early aggro card.

Rank 4 – Pressure

Quinn's Card unlock

Along with Xid’s Improv, this is 1 cost 3 draw card with a caveat.
Good for constructing aggro or Xid Chorus deck.

Rank 6 – Fuel the Fire

Quinn's Card unlock

5 turn buff is eternal in this game. This may give you crazy amount of interest like combining it with MukTuk’s Bravaldo, Sypathy buff, or gain even more penalties out of debuff. Baptiste’s rank 3 card, Subvert, one that removes a debuff of yourself can reduce the risk.

A high risk High return card.

Rank 7 – Compounding Interest

Quinn's Card unlock

This card would be the best if you could take all the turns. But just doing so will take 4 turns and its 10 cost plus stress and all the debuff.

Do not use.

Rank 9 – Hustle

Quinn's Card unlock

If you makes it work, its great. But it’s very hard to do so.

Compared to other closure, like Roxanne’s first card, this is just… meh…

For the most of the time, this is worse than the basic closure card.

Rank 10 – Take it or Leave it

Quinn's Card unlock

Always raises interest level. That is equal to 8 to 30% price increase. And you still get 5% closure bonus. If there is a way to tell you will have a lot of hurrying customers, or just ordinary customers, its good.

Its just too bad this is the final unlock that requires superior clarity potion and mana potion to get this. You … probably on the 4th or 5th week then.

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