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Prehistoric Kingdom How to Make Better Parks

Create exceptional parks in Prehistoric Kingdom with our guide. Optimize layout, exhibits, and management for a dino-tastic success!

Hello from our Prehistoric Kingdom How to Make Better Parks guide. Do you think your parks are bad? Do you compare your structures with other players and get the feeling that you will never be as good as them, which puts you in a state of sadness? Anyway, we have [trick] tips to share with you to help your parks look better than ever. Keep reading to find out more!

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Prehistoric Kingdom How to Make Better Parks

Welcome to our Prehistoric Kingdom How to Make Better Parks guide. This guide will show you detailed tips about how to create better parks in Prehistoric Kingdom!

Tip 1 – Use the Real World (Shocker)

Now on the old guide, a few people said they’ve never went to a zoo, which hopefully was a joke because dear god ya’ll need to get outside if it wasn’t. ANYWAYS, if you’re not able to go to a zoo (or any theme park in general), you can just use a map.

Why didn’t I just say that in that guide

OK, lets just take the Central Park Zoo for example. It’s THE ZOO in New York City. Now, they didn’t put as big of a budget into the layout as the actual city (I don’t know anything about architecture this is a joke), but it works as is. These kinds of smaller, more simple layouts work for, well, smaller parks. And combined with some of the tips I’ll share with you later, you’re bound to make even a small park look nice.

**WIP** How to Create Better Parks in Prehistoric Kingdom

(Map from the Central Park Zoo’s Website)

Tip 2 – Rocks

Fine, fine, let me elaborate.

You know rocks, right? That hard and rough stuff (Pause)? Yeah, the stuff OUTSIDE. THOSE rocks. Yeah, start using them in your parks. “oH bUt barYoNyx IvE bEeN UsiNg ThEM iN mY pArks”. No, thats not what I meant. What I meant was to use them in a way that’ll make it look good.

Now, lets say you want rocks in an enclosure (who doesn’t). Don’t just go placing rocks all over the place. If you are going to place rocks like that, use very small rocks. It doesn’t make the habitat look cluttered unlike if you just used the normal sized rocks in the game.

But you want to use big rocks, right? Well, I’ll tell you how to use those, too. If its an enclosure thats below a viewing path, use rocks to cover the ground underneath the path. Sure, its simple, but it’ll make the walls of an enclosure look nicer. ALSO, you can make rock clusters throughout your enclosures to take advantage of larger rocks.

Heres an example:

**WIP** How to Create Better Parks in Prehistoric Kingdom

And if you wanna use rocks outside enclosures, make little scenic areas where your guests can just take a break form walking and view the rocks (because who doesn’t love rocks).

Tip 3 – Scaling


I don’t really know how to elaborate on this one. Just use the scaling tool more often I guess? MORE TIPS COMING SOON..

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