Resonite Making a Goose

Hello from our Resonite Making a Goose guide. This guide is a guide to honk and waddle and get bread for geese if you are not a goose please Find your local goose and give this to them.

This is the guide CabooseDaGoose it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Resonite Making a Goose

Welcome to our Resonite Making a Goose guide. This guide will show you detailed informaiton about how to goose ine Resonite!

How to Goose in Resonite

You are new to Resonite and you want to find geese Well this is the very crucial and important Thing for geese as its a way to create ganders and form big geese family so remember to find your way around till you can find a goose avatar to use.

1.Do waddle and honk for bread
2.Dont attack pedestrians for bread have some dapper and common decency.
3.Do Respect everyone you meet for bread
4.Dont Steal
5.Do attack when things go bad
6. Dont Eat your bread alone
7.Share bread with other geese
8. Dont fight to the death for the last slice of bread


So you have reached the part of now you are a goose and you have bread Time to run your business Find a cardboard box and make sure they are not Wet or dirty, Most boxes are found folded neatly by buildings in the Resonite world so it should be easy to find one and set it up. Alot of Floofys will try to stop you and say you a bad goose but just ignore and continue building your shop.

Building your Shop

Bread is the end goal and our currency sometimes people will give you things because you cute use it the more items you get the more items you can trade with your goose shop so listen and learn and let the cuteness win.

Written by CabooseDaGoose

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