Prey – Neuromods Cheat and Hidden Safes

Neuromods Cheat and Hidden Safes Safe Locations If you came here looking for the 6 Secret […]

Neuromods Cheat and Hidden Safes

Safe Locations

If you came here looking for the 6 Secret Alarm Bell safes, check:

  • Talos 1 Lobby Locations 2 and 8
  • Hardware Labs Location 3
  • Arboretum Location 2
  • Crew Quarters Location 5
  • And Cargo Bay Location 2.

Neuromod Division

The Neuromod Division is where you first start the game. When trying to escape it, although things will be a little scary and strange, I highly recommend exploring it first.

Location #1: Display Case. Part of the storyline, impossible to miss.

Location #2: On some dude’s body in the Skill Recorder Analysis room. This one you wont be able to get til later, you need Hacking 2 to hack into the security station by the gloo gun and then hack the computer inside to unlock the door. Once inside, look near the staircase.

Location #3: Inside the Volunteer Quarters. The for the door is in one of the rooms right next to your office.

Location #4: On the body of December after he is destroyed by January.

Talos 1 Lobby

The Talos 1 Lobby is the largest area in the game other than the Talos 1 Exterior.

Location #1: Inside the Transtar exhibit, in a display case.

Location #2: Also in the Transtar exhibit, in a secret safe behind the alarm bell. Just hit it with a wrench 3 times and it’ll open.

Location #3: In your office. There is a set of 3 Neuromods on your desk.

Location #4: Sales Division. Next to Yuri Kimura’s desk, there will be 4 Neuromods waiting for you. But look out, there could be a phantom in there.

Location #5: Trauma Center. In the Trauma Center, inside Mathias Kohl’s office, there is a secret safe. To open it type in the answers A,C,B,A,C on the personality test. There should be 2 Neuromods in there. Look out, there’s a nasty Thermal Phantom in there.

Location #6: Trauma Center. On the body of Luther Glass on the operating table.

Location #7: Trauma Center. In Hendrik Devries safe, there will be 3 Neuromods. The code to the safe is scribbled on the wall in quarantine.

Location #8: In the hallway next to the restrooms and Employee Orientation. Look for an alarm bell with a light over it, there should be another secret safe.

Location #9: Given to you by January.

Location #10: Security. Behind Elias Black’s desk, there is a briefcase with 4 bad bois in there.

Location #11: Inside the safe in the entrance room to Psychotronics. You need hacking 2, but it’s worth it as there are 4 more in the safe.

Hardware Labs

The Hardware Labs are where the fancy stuff like Looking Glasses, Q-Beams, and Gloo Guns are made.

Location #1: Dr Thorstein’s office. There will be two Neuromods in a briefcase on the floor.

Location #2: In a display case on the way to the theater.

Location #3: In another secret safe on the second floor of the Atrium. Look behind the statue. To open it, hit it with a wrench three times again.

Location #4: Inside the demonstration stage, on the floor inside a briefcase.

Location #5: Inside the machine shop, on a body, on a cargo hold. One of the computers will be able to move it.

Location #6: In the storage room in the machine shop. Gloo your way up to the roof and jump down through the hole.

Location #7: This one is tricky. I’m tempted not to tell you, because it is so much more satisfying to find out yourself, but I’ll be nice ;). There are 2 located in Dr. Calvino’s secret safe. To open it, go to the back of the looking glass room to get Dr. Calvino’s tumbler and take it to his scale near the looking glasses. But it on and the safe will open up. Sneaky, sneaky!


Psychotronics is one of the most crucial (and creepy) places in the game.

Location #1: Underneath one of the bathrooms. It’s on a body with a psychoscope on it. Part of the story, unmissable.

Location #2: Inside Dr. Kelstrup’s safe. Part of the story, also unmissable.

Location #3: Inside the Armory in the Material Extraction area. The code is 8714.

Location #4: Inside the Morgue. Can’t remember exactly where.

Location #5: Inside Behavioral Biometrics. There should be 2 on a table right next to a Typhon Lure

Location #6: On the body of Annelise Gallegos in her office.

Shuttle Bay

Typically where you would go to escape Talos 1, however, none of the escape pods are operational.

Location #1: Inside the Shuttle Control Room.

Location #2: In the Maintenance room on level 1.

Location #4: Aboard the Shuttle from the Derelict Shuttle mission.

Location #5: Inside Mia Bayer’s safe.

Location #6: Inside Flight Control.

Location #7: Inside Dahl’s Shuttle.


My favorite place in the game, the Arboretum is on the very top of Talos 1.

Location #1: Right after you enter from the GUTS, check the room with the Recycler. There’s a Neuromod on the body in there.

Location #2: In the hallway entrance to the Main Lift, there will be a body leaning on one of the walls. Right above is another secret safe. You know what to do.

Location #3: Inside Alex Yu’s office on his desk.

Location #4: In the secret room behind Alex Yu’s Looking Glass. To get in you either must break the Looking Glass, use Leverage 2 to move the storage cabinet blocking the maintenance tunnel, or use a recycler charge on it. The safe code is 8192 (at least it usually is. Sometimes it shows up as 3363 or something else, but the most commonly repeating code is 8192).

Location #5: Inside the Storage AR2 room.

Crew Quarters

The Crew Quarters is a very dangerous room when you first enter it. Watch out for Mindjacked Humans, Telepaths, Poltergeists, and Phantoms Galore.

Location #1: In Danielle Sho’s cabin

Location #2: In Lorenzo Calvino’s cabin. Here he has ANOTHER hidden safe, however, it is much easier to find. Right behind his looking glass. The code is 0523.

Location #3: In your own Executive Suite.

Location #4: In Alex Yu’s Executive Suite.

Location #5: In the Fitness Center. Right when you enter, turn right, by the pipe with all the gas leaks, and there will be another secret safe. Pop dat boi open!

Location #6: Locked in the Mail room. The only way to get inside is with Hacking 2.

Location #7: Inside Abigail Foy’s cabin.

Location #8: Inside Dayo Igwe’s cabin.

Location #9: Inside the freezer.

Location #10: In Sylvain Bellamy’s habitat.

Deep Storage

Pretty much the loneliest place on the station.

Location #1: In the Data Vaults, on the floor in a corner.

Location #2: On Danielle Sho’s desk.

Woo, that was a fun zone!

Cargo Bay

The Cargo Bay is where most of the survivors have taken refuge.

Location #1: If you dock Doctor Igwe, when you speak to him later he will give you one.

Location #2: In the Cargo Shipment Control Center. It’s in the last hidden safe. Ta-da!

Location #3: In the room Sarah Elazar is in. Look on one of the desks, there should be 4.

Location #4: Inside Cargo Loading Access 01.

Location #5: On Christopher Smith’s body at the entrance to the GUTS Loading Bay.

Location #6: Inside the GUTS area of the Cargo B zone. Check crate numbered 3232.

Life Support

Pretty much the place which creates oxygen. Don’t smack anything!

Locaion #1: In the Security Station in a safe. The code is 1511.

Location #2: In the Medical Bay near the Security Station.

Location #3: On level B1 in the office near the “sparkly” walkway

Location #4: In the Supply Closet on level B2. The code is 4637.

Location #5: Level B3 below the eel tank. Drain the tank of all mature eels. Check the corpse that falls with them.

Location #6: Obtained by completing the side mission Missing Engineer.

Power Plant

Pretty much the place that keeps the whole station running. Don’t smack anything!

Location #1: In Parts Storage. Use Mimic Matter to get through the small opening in the window.

Location #2: On the body of Talia Brooks. Part of the story, unmissable.

Location #3: In the room Mikhaila Ilyushin has sheltered herself in.

That’s all I know about in the Power Plant. I’m sure there’s more, but I don’t know where. Comment below if you do!

Talos 1 Bridge

The most crucial area in the game, as it is where you will complete the storyline.

Location #1: Inside the Bridge Safe.

Location #2: On the body of Jada Marks.


The Gravity Utility Tunnel System. Pretty dang cool area, but watch out for Cystoids.

Location #1: In the Magnetosphere, on the body of Anders Kline.

Location #2: In one of the little office thingies on your way to the Arboretum from Psychotronics.

That’s all I know of. Comment below if there’s aything else!

Talos 1 Exterior

The largest, and, quite possibly, the coolest area in the game.

Location #1: In the Cargo Bay security safe. Also has the Portable Turret fabrication plan inside.

Location #2: Floating around in Mikhaila Ilyushin’s office.

Location #3: On the body of Lorenzo Calvino outside of the Hardware Labs.

Note: Haven’t really explored much of the Exterior yet. This is all I know of. Comment if you find anything!

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