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Prince of Persia The Lost Crown: How to Escape the Prison

Discover effective strategies and crucial information for escaping prison in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown in our comprehensive guide.

Check out our guide for strategies and information to help escape from prison in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.

How to Escape the Prison

Embark on a daring escape from the prison nestled within the Sacred Archives with our comprehensive guide. From battling formidable foes to navigating intricate puzzles, we’ve got you covered on every step of your journey. Let’s delve into the strategies, secrets, and challenges you’ll encounter as you make your way out of the prison.

1. Prison Arrival and Initial Exploration

  • Start in a jail cell within the prison section of the Sacred Archives.
  • Read lore on the walls and find a collectible by the skeleton – Broken Chains.

2. Breaking Out of the Cell

  • Locate wooden boards above the left wall to create a crawlspace and escape.
  • Unlock the main prison room door, defeat a Mad Alchemist, and read a note in the cell above.

3. Exploring Below and Ascending the Central Tower

  • Venture below the central room, encountering Eye Doors that require keys.
  • Ascend the central tower, dealing with Cursed Spear Soldiers and navigating broken lever mechanisms.

4. Confronting Cursed Guard and Acquiring Spirited Sand Jar

  • Defeat the formidable Cursed Guard, read a note, and collect a Spirited Sand Jar.
  • Face two more Cursed Soldiers as you escape to different levels through one-way access doors.

5. Exploring the Top Floor, Dealing with Flame Imps

  • Reach the top floor and navigate past Flame Imps to access a treasure chest with Time Crystals.
  • Strategically handle Flame Imps’ attacks and claim the valuable loot.

6. Evading the Jailer and Lever Tricks

  • Avoid the Jailer in the first encounter by using the lower path.
  • Discover the broken lever and access a hidden alcove with a treasure chest containing the Will of Rostam.

7. Lever Puzzle and Platforming Challenges

  • Solve platforming puzzles using bell chimes to create temporary platforms.
  • Encounter a room with strange shifting stairs and learn about the mad architect’s lore.
  • Utilize pressure plates and navigate through complex bell-activated platforms.

8. Navigating the Jailer’s Territory

  • Evade the Jailer’s patrols and use lever tricks to outsmart him.
  • Strategically move through the Jailer’s room, collect treasures, and escape.

9. Armillary Room and Transparent Platforms

  • Navigate an armillary room with shifting spiked blocks.
  • Use bell chimes to create platforms and progress through the challenging terrain.

10. Shimmering Platforms and Unseen Adversaries

  • Explore a room full of shimmering platforms with transparency challenges.
  • Save at the Wak-Wak Tree, face unexpected adversaries, and continue your journey.

As you follow our guide through the intricate prison section of the Sacred Archives, you’ll conquer challenges, unveil hidden treasures, and master the strategies needed for a successful escape.

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