Prince of Persia The Lost Crown How to Beat Shahbaz’ Spirit

Safely defeat Shahbaz’s Spirit and progress on your quest with strategic insights provided in our comprehensive guide.

This guide will provide you with strategic information on how to defeat Shahbaz’ Spirit and continue your quest safely.

How to Beat Shahbaz’ Spirit

In the epic adventure of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, your journey takes you to the sacred Upper Citadel, where unexpected challenges await. One formidable opponent you’ll encounter is Vahram, the Immortal Leader. Prepare for an intense confrontation as you face this powerful adversary. This guide will provide you with strategic insights on how to defeat Vahram and continue your quest with confidence.

1. Understanding Vahram’s Moveset

Vahram is a skilled warrior with a moveset similar to yours, making the encounter challenging. Familiarize yourself with his three-hit combo, air-dash, aerial downward slash, and bow shots. Be prepared for counters as he can mirror your moves, requiring adaptability in combat.

2. Effective Combat Strategies

  • Parry and Counter: Master the art of parrying to deflect Vahram’s attacks, including his charged bow shots. Counter swiftly to gain the upper hand in the battle.
  • Shield of Mithra: Use the Shield of Mithra strategically to slow down Vahram after successful counters, creating openings for your attacks.
  • Adapt to Counters: Anticipate Vahram’s ability to counter your moves. Modify your combo attacks to avoid getting blocked and maintain your offensive momentum.

3. Utilizing Special Abilities

  • Athra Surge: Unlock Shahbaz’ Spirit, a powerful Athra Surge acquired after defeating Alternate Sargon. Use it to launch massive slash attacks from above, especially effective against airborne enemies.

4. Navigating the Upper Citadel

  • Harpies Encounter: Be cautious of harpies in the Upper Citadel. Utilize Shahbaz’s Spirit to swiftly eliminate threats from above. Dodge and counter their divebomb attacks.
  • Pendulum Blades Room: Navigate carefully through a room with swinging pendulum blades. Time your movements to dash across safely.

5. Collectibles and Hidden Treasures

  • Architectural Drawings: Drop down through a wooden platform in the Citadel Elevator room to find a collectible lore piece about Architectural Drawings.
  • Four Royal Stars Amulet: Explore the Citadel Lift path to discover a Treasure Chest containing the Four Royal Stars Amulet.

6. Preparing for the Unexpected Betrayal

  • Old Man Encounter: Engage with an enigmatic old man who seems to know you. Use chandeliers and poles to ascend to higher levels for advantageous positions in combat.
  • Temporal Anomaly Ambush: Be ready for a sudden ambush by Anahita’s Guards influenced by a temporal anomaly. Cleverly use Athra Surge to swiftly dispatch multiple foes.

As you progress through the Upper Citadel and face Vahram’s unexpected betrayal, this guide equips you with the knowledge and strategies needed to emerge victorious. Prepare for an immersive gaming experience and conquer the challenges that lie ahead!

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