WITCH ON THE HOLY NIGHT Walkthrough & Endings

Navigate through "WITCH ON THE HOLY NIGHT" with precision using our guide, offering detailed information to help you complete the game and reach the ending.

Check out the detailed information in our guide to complete WITCH ON THE HOLY NIGHT and reach the ending.

Walkthrough and Endings

This is a rudimentary guide to the necessary decisions in Witch on the Holy Night’s whodunit chapter for 100% completion.

The Good Ending

-Decision A-

  • Might be an ill omen.

-Decision B-

  • I’ll do something random.

-Decision C-

  • Curious. I should check it out.

-Decision D-

  • The rain’s going to get worse.

-Decision E-

  • The numbers are off.

-Decision F-

  • Something crazy’s about to go down.

-Decision G-

  • It was some kind of bread.

-Decision H-

  • I think we should focus on Tokitsu’s death.

-Decision I-

  • Aozaki’s story doesn’t add up.

-Decision J-

  • Shizuki’s story doesn’t add up.

-Decision K-

  • Ritsuka’s story doesn’t add up.

-Decision L-

  • We should check Riddell’s alibi.

-Decision M-

  • I’ll go peek in the hallway.

-Decision N-

  • Sounds dangerous.

-Decision O-

  • We should focus on how the phone line was cut.

-Decision P-

  • It’s best to wait for all three to return.

-Decision Q-

  • Come to think of it, Beo…

-Decision R-

  • I’m not sure about that.

-Decision S-

  • Between 2:00PM and 4:00PM?

-Decision T-

  • A-As long as I lock the door… but I won’t be able to sleep!

-Decision U-

  • Should try to guess who the killer is.

-Decision V-

  • From the cast, choose Soujuurou Shizuki (the third sprite from the left).

-Decision W-

  • Are there two types of murders?

-Decision X-

  • Who could activate a Ploy?

-Decision Y-

  • From the cast, choose Kojika Kumari (the seventh sprite from the left).

-Decision Z-

  • I’m sure now—because everything happened the way I decided it should.

The Dead Ends

Place bookmarks before making each decision so you can search for them upon seeing an ending.

-Decision D-

  • I should just go home.

-Decision L-

  • We should each stay in our rooms until morning.

-Decision N-

  • I agree.

-Decision P-

  • It’s dangerous for Aozaki to go alone.

-Decision R-

  • I can rest easy now.

-Decision T-

  • No helping it, then.

The Bad Ends

-Decision U-

  • Should keep running until morning.

-Decision V-

  • Choose the incorrect culprit or have too few clues.

-Decision W-Z-

  • Choose the correct culprit but incorrectly choose any later decision.
Written by Ichiban

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