Project Hospital – More Patients and Employees

Do you want to have more Patients? Do you need more Employees? Look no further! In […]

Do you want to have more Patients? Do you need more Employees? Look no further! In this Guide i provide a solution.

Project Hospital More Patients and Employees

I was annoyed by the strong limitation of patients and employees you can have.
Since i couldnt find an option to change the values in the game, i explored the game folder and tempered with some values. The resultat was the possibility of increasing such values with little effort. In this guide i just share my knowledge with you.

Increased number of patients and employees

How to modify your game?

In this section i will show you how to modify your game.
I didnt use any 3rd party programm besides a normal text editor (in my case Notepad++ ; but you can chose whichever you want).

First locate your game files on your pc (Library > Right click on Game > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files)

There you should see:
“ProjectHospital.exe” and the
“ProjectHospital_Data” Folder

Navigate to:
xxx\steamapps\common\Project Hospital\ProjectHospital_Data\StreamingAssets\Database

there you find ALL the XML files where are values are safed. Just open it and change the value you need.

For example:
The employee limit is determined in “Tweakables.xml”

Look for :
<GameDBTweakableInt ID=”TWEAKABLE_EMPLOYEE_LIMIT”> <Value>200</Value> </GameDBTweakableInt>

and Change the value to whatever you want, like:

<GameDBTweakableInt ID=”TWEAKABLE_EMPLOYEE_LIMIT”> <Value>400</Value> </GameDBTweakableInt>

Save the file and start the game. Done.

Works on savegames as on new games. (Probably not every will, but this one does).

A way to temper with the patients income is to go to into the “InsuranceCompanies.xml” file and look for the “<PatientsPerDay>10</PatientsPerDay>” entries. Its listed under each individual Insurance Company. Just change it to whatever value you like.

For example:

Now the selected Insurace will provide X (30 in this case patients a day instead of the regular 10).
Save the file and start playing. (Works also on savegames, just stop the insurance and reactivate it to take effekt.


Here i will provide the 2 changes ive made to my game so far (for lazy people).
To install the modification just save the file into:
xxx\steamapps\common\Project Hospital\ProjectHospital_Data\StreamingAssets\Database
overwriting any existing file. (Make save of your old file; just in case)

Set employee limit to 400:

Increasing drastically the amount of patients the InsuranceCompanies provide:

(Just deactivate and reactivate every insurance if you going to use it on a savegame)


This is just to show you a possibility to change the game to your desire.
I am not responsible for any damage you do to your game, savegame or pc in general when using the methods here showed.

Hopefully some of you find this helpful. If you have any question or suggestions feel free to let me know, in the comment section below (pun intended).

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