Project Slayers Insect Breathing Guide

Welcome to our Project Slayers Insect Breathing guide. This guide will show you how to unlock the Insect Breathing Style and master its moves.

May 22, 2023: We updated Project Insect Breathing guide

Project Slayers Insect Breathing Guide

Insect breathing was a special breathing style developed for Shinobu Kocho. Lacking the strength to decapitate a demon, he began coating his blade and scabbard with wisteria venom. This breathing style focuses on quick thrusting attacks to pierce the opponent instead of hitting them. The stab wound would create an opening for the venom to enter the demon’s body (similar to how some insects pierce and inject venom with their stinger, hence the name).

Project Slayers Insect Breathing
Project Slayers Insect Breathing

The blade used for this is not only straight (since curved blades are optimized for cutting), but most of the blade is replaced with a thin staff and only the end resembles the point of a katana.This is to make it as light as possible for speed and only keep the parts needed for drilling. The sword is also known as the “Stinger” and the scabbard is a portable blender and carrier of wisteria poisons.

Insect Breathing

How to unlock Insect Breathing: From the Insect Trainer, Shinobu, in Butterfly mansion.

Requirements: Level 12 & 5k Wen


  • 1st Move – Jaw Breaker: The user slashes, launches upwards with the opponent, and then slams them on the ground stunning them.
  • 2nd Move – Dance on the bee sting: The user thrusts to the opponent dealing damage.
  • 3rd Move – Dance on the Dragonfly: The user rapidly thrusts the opponent many times before doing one final more powerful thrust
  • 4th Move – Dance on the Centipede: The user rapidly dashes with their feet onto a final thrust at the end that deals damage.
  • 5th Move – Mantis Kick: The user counters an attacking opponent by kicking them away. the user teleports in a stream of lightning to that opponent damaging them.
  • 6th Move – Butterfly Dance: The user raises into the air charges an attack and dashes mid air to the enemy slamming them down onto the ground.

Trainer Location

How to unlock Insect Breathing: From the Insect Trainer, Shinobu, in Butterfly mansion.


Find Shinobu Kocho (butterfly mansion)and hand her 5000 wen. Note you need to go back to Shinobu after completing each task. Other requirements are on the Breathing Styles page.

Target Practice

This breathing style needs accuracy as it only needs 1 pierce to kill a demon. So once this has started targets will appear on the wall and you must click them as fast as possible. Like other breathing style obtainments there will be a bar that slowly depletes and clicking a target fast enough will partially fill it. Keep doing it until the bar reaches both ends.


A bar will appear on your screen and parts of it will be colored. A thin line will travel across the bar from side to side and your goal is to click the circle each time the line intersects with the colored part of the bar. Again there will be a bar that slowly depletes and you must click when the line intersects with the colored part until the other bar is green.

Pulling a Boulder

Similar to Water Breathing obtainment you must pull a boulder to a designated location (indicated by a white glowing, translucent cylinder like shape).

Win The Cup Game

You must win the cup game against a girl in the butterfly mansion. In the show you gotta block her hands so she doesn’t spill the tea on you but in the game you must press the given key as fast as possible until the bar below turns green. This bar depletes when you don’t do anything or you type the wrong letter.

Defeat Insect Trainee

You must defeat one of Shinobu’s students. Their name is Shiron and they use all the moves of insect breathing.

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