Project Slayers Water Breathing Guide

Welcome to our Project Slayers Water Breathing guide. This guide will show you how to unlock the Water Breathing Style and master its moves.

Project Slayers Water Breathing Guide

Project Slayers Water
Project Slayers Water

Water breathing is a defensive style of breathing that mimics water. The user’s agile movements and attack patterns resemble the flow of water, which becomes stronger as the momentum increases. Because of this trait, it has multi-hit moves that can get stronger when held and also has a tendency to knock people down.

Water Breathing

How to unlock Water Breathing: From the Water Trainer, Sakonji Urokodaki, inside Waroru Cave

Requirements: Level 12 & 5k Wen


  • 1st Move – Water Surface Slash: The user slightly dashes forward and does a horizontal slash in front of them
  • 2nd Move – Water Wheel: The user spins into a water wheel bringing you to your enemies
  • 3rd Move – Water Serpent: The user unleashes a water serpent to were the enemy is
  • 4th Move – Drop Ripple Thrust: The user slightly dashes forward and unleashes a ripple thrust to your enemy
  • 5th Move – Waterfall Basin: The user quickly jumps in the air and unleashes Waterfall basin when landing
  • 6th Move – Constant Flux: The user unleashes a constant flux of water onto the enemy

Trainer Location

How to unlock Water Breathing: From the Water Trainer, Sakonji Urokodaki, inside Waroru Cave.

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You must go to the water cultivator Sakonji Urokodaki(waroru cave) and pay him 5000 wen he will then give you tasks to do in order to unlock water breathing. Other prerequisites are on the Breathing Styles page

Train Your Upper Body

A bar will appear at the bottom of your screen. This bar slowly depletes but when the given key i pressed it will partially refill the bar. You must repeat this until the bar is full and green and doing so will cause you to slice the rock in half. Go back to Sakonji once done

Find 3 Blue Glowy Rocks

You must go into the nearby river and find 3 blue rocks at the riverbed. You must be careful as you have a limited amount of oxygen so you have to return to the surface to breath. Return to Sakonji upon completion

Pulling A Boulder

A Boulder will be tied to you and you have to pull it to a specific location. If yo do this at night demons can still attack you but you can’t attack them. The specific location is indicated by a white translucent cylinder and an arrow on your character will be perpetually pointing to it. Once done return to Sakonji

Train Your Lungs

You need to go to the butterfly mansion and sit on the mat. A wide bar, a thin line and a circle will appear. Segments of the wide bar will be colored differently and your job is to click the circle when the thin bar intersects with the colored segment. Another bar will be at the bottom of your screen and will slowly deplete. Clicking the circles when the segment intersect with the line will cause the bar to fill up partially. Repeat this until the bar is green. Return to Sakonji to get the final quest

Defeat Sabito

Defeat the Sabito boss.


This breathing has no known passives.

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