PUBG: Locations of Safes – Unlocking Safe Event

PUBG's 27.2 Update - All Safe Locations for 1K Gold Bar!

PUBG’s 27.2 Update was released today. The Safes Event came to the game with the update. In this event, there are safes hidden all over the map. Each of these safes contains Gold bars worth 1k. You can exchange this Gold bar for 1,000 BR Coins at the Market. Let’s show you the locations of these safes!

Also, do not forget this important information: Safes in PUBG only spawn in 2-storey houses.

PUBG Safe Event

A safe designed to safeguard valuable items.

  • Players can use the interaction key to unlock the safe and acquire Gold Bars.
    • Gold Bar inventory weight: 15
    • A Gold Bar can be traded for 1,000 BR Coins at the Market.
  • Safes are found in buildings across the map.
PUBG Update 27.2 Patch Notes

Where to Find Safes in PUBG

There are 2 safes in the locations we marked on the map above. In the photos below, you can see in which houses the safes are hidden.

Rondo Safe Location

Location of one of the safes in Rondo.

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