Rainbow Conch Locations in Sea of Stars

Discover 60 Rainbow Conch locations in Sea of Stars. Uncover hidden abilities, upgrades, and secrets on your journey.

In this simple and concise guide to Sea of Stars, you will learn everything about Rainbow Conchs. There are around 60 Rainbow Conchs in the game. In this guide, we have explained the locations of all Rainbow Conchs, where you can find them, what Rainbow Conchs are, and what they can be used for. Let’s dive into our guide!

Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch

Rainbow Conches in Sea of Stars are collectible items found throughout the game world. These items are often hidden in various locations, and collecting them is part of completing a full set. Rainbow Conches are a type of in-game achievement or side quest that encourages exploration and interaction with the game’s world. As you collect Rainbow Conches, you not only get the satisfaction of uncovering hidden treasures but also contribute to completing a larger objective within the game.

In Sea of Stars, the Rainbow Conches seem to serve as a kind of side quest or achievement system, challenging players to thoroughly explore the game’s diverse locations, solve puzzles, complete tasks, and interact with NPCs. These activities are rewarded with Rainbow Conches, and collecting them adds a sense of accomplishment to the overall gaming experience. The information you provided earlier contains detailed descriptions of where each Rainbow Conch can be found in the game, making it a comprehensive guide for players seeking to locate all of them.

Rainbow Conch Rewards in Sea of Stars game
Rainbow Conch Locations in Sea of Stars

What are Rainbow Conchs used for?

In Sea of Stars, collecting Rainbow Conches serves a few different purposes, and they offer various rewards for your efforts. Here’s what you can do with Rainbow Conches:

  1. Rewards from Mirna: As you collect Rainbow Conches, you can visit Mirna, a character in the game located at Lake Docarria. She will reward you with various items and rewards based on the number of Rainbow Conches you’ve collected. These rewards can include accessories to equip and building plans for Mirth, a location you unlock in the story. These accessories and plans can enhance your characters’ abilities and contribute to your progress in the game.
  2. Part of the Story and Gameplay: Rainbow Conches also play a part in the game’s story and later gameplay. The information you provided mentions that their role in the story and later stages of the game isn’t detailed to avoid spoilers. This suggests that collecting Rainbow Conches might have a more significant impact on the game’s narrative and challenges as you progress.
  3. Completion and Exploration: Collecting all the Rainbow Conches can be seen as a completionist’s goal. They encourage thorough exploration of the game’s world, including hidden areas and puzzles, which enhances your overall gaming experience. By finding and collecting these hidden items, you gain a sense of achievement and mastery over the game’s mechanics and environments.

Rainbow Conches in Sea of Stars serve multiple purposes: they offer rewards, contribute to the story and gameplay, and encourage players to explore and engage deeply with the game world. If you’re aiming to make the most out of your playthrough and enjoy a comprehensive gaming experience, collecting Rainbow Conches is a worthwhile endeavor.

Rainbow Conch Rewards

In Sea of Stars, collecting Rainbow Conchs will reward you with various benefits and items. These rewards can include:

  1. Unlocking Abilities: As you collect Rainbow Conchs, you’ll gain access to new abilities and skills that can enhance your gameplay and help you overcome challenges.
  2. Upgrading Equipment: Some Rainbow Conchs can be exchanged for valuable items or materials that can be used to upgrade your equipment, making your characters more powerful.
  3. Access to Hidden Areas: Rainbow Conchs might grant you access to hidden areas within the game world. Exploring these areas can lead to discovering new quests, characters, and treasures.
  4. Story Progression: Acquiring a certain number of Rainbow Conchs might be tied to the progression of the game’s story or unlocking specific events.
  5. Side Quests and Interactions: NPCs within the game world might request Rainbow Conchs in exchange for rewards or as part of side quests, encouraging you to interact with the game’s inhabitants and learn more about its lore.
  6. Completionist Achievements: Collecting all the Rainbow Conchs could reward you with achievements or trophies for completing this challenging task.
  7. Cosmetic Items: Some Rainbow Conchs might be used to unlock cosmetic items, such as character skins, outfits, or other customization options.
All Rainbow Conch Locations in Sea of Stars game
Rainbow Conch Locations in Sea of Stars

Rainbow Conch Locations

1. Sleeper Island Cliffs:

  • Descend the cliffs from the top of Sleeper Island to find the chest hidden behind rocks.

2. Wind Tunnel Mines:

  • As you go deeper into the mines, find the chest behind an overhanging rock.

3. Stonemason’s Outpost:

  • After clearing Wind Tunnel Mines, enter the artist’s house and use the Mistral Bracelet to move the green crystal to access the conch.

4. Stonemason’s Outpost:

  • Enter a locked room in Stonemason’s Outpost from above. Use the Mistral Bracelet on the wind vane outside, then talk to Chi for the reward.

5. Coral Cascades:

  • Choose the right waterfall, use the Mistral Bracelet on the Wind Vane to move the chest to a reachable location.

6. Coral Cascades:

  • Head down the waterfall, go right, and use water jets to reach the Rainbow Conch chest.

7. Brisk:

  • In Brisk, head to the bottom-left corner and find a chest above a villager mentioning a Conch.

8. Brisk:

  • Swim south of Brisk, go around the right side, and find a secret area with a Rainbow Conch chest.

9. Brisk:

  • In the bottom-left area of the water in Brisk, give 40 fish to a father and son fishing to get a conch.

10. Brisk:

  • At the bottom-right beach area of Brisk, find two children building a sandcastle, promise not to tell anyone, and get a Rainbow Conch.

11. Abandoned Wizard’s Lab (Cyan):

  • Jump into the water to your left, find a chest under an overhanging pier.

12. Abandoned Wizard’s Lab (Yellow):

  • Follow a specific pattern of blocks to reach the chest.

13. Wraith Island Docks:

  • Explore the docks area, find a gap under a large log walkway, and discover the Rainbow Conch chest.

14. Lucent:

  • Enter a house to the left in Lucent, interact with paintings to find a Rainbow Conch chest.

15. Lucent:

  • Before exiting Lucent to the right, swim under a bridge, climb a ledge on the right, and reach the Rainbow Conch chest.

16. Cursed Woods:

  • Find a hidden area by peeling off a log platform to the left, then defeat enemies and claim the chest.

17. Flooded Graveyard:

  • Use air from the Mistral Bracelet to guide a raft, jump into the waters, and head upwards through a gap in the ledges to find the Rainbow Conch chest.

18. Necromancer’s Lair:

  • After obtaining the Graplou ability, use it to reach a wizard enemy’s spawn point, initiate a fight, and access the Rainbow Conch chest.

19. Haunted Mansion:

  • In the garden area, interact with a pot to create a secret doorway, leading to a Rainbow Conch chest.

20. Ancient Crypt:

  • Inside the first room, look to the right side to find a concealed Rainbow Conch chest behind a pillar.

21. Mirth:

  • Enter the pub, head upstairs, and find a partially-hidden chest on the balcony.

22. Stillpond Island:

  • Visit Stillpond Island, head to the fishing pond, move around the right-hand side, and locate a Rainbow Conch chest partially concealed by bushes.

23. Brisk (Minigame):

  • Play the chest minigame in Brisk’s shop until you get the special reward of a Rainbow Conch.

24. Brisk (Destroyed Area):

  • Find a secret room in a destroyed area of Brisk, collect bananas and get the well-hidden Rainbow Conch chest.

25. Brisk (Molekin):

  • Speak to a Molekin in Brisk and help her muse paint her image, leading to a reward of a Rainbow Conch.

26. Sacred Grove:

  • Find a chest under a waterfall after reaching Watcher Island.

27. Lake Docarria (Whirlpool):

  • Use a whirlpool in a house to access a Rainbow Conch chest.

28. Lake Docarria (Whirlpools):

  • Use whirlpools in a house to access a secret area and another Rainbow Conch chest.

29. Lake Docarria (Hide and Seek):

  • Complete a hide and seek quest by finding three children to receive a Rainbow Conch.

30. Antsudlo (Puzzle):

  • Solve a puzzle in Antsudlo’s water pipes using the Blue Orb to access a Rainbow Conch chest.

31. Glacial Peak (Solstice Amulet):

  • Use the Solstice Amulet to melt a large block of ice above to access a chest.

32. Jungle Path (Solstice Amulet):

  • Use the Solstice Amulet to solve a mirror puzzle in Jungle Path, leading to a Rainbow Conch chest.

33. Bamboo Creek (Flight):

  • Use flight to reach a hidden area with a Rainbow Conch chest.

34. Songshroom Marsh:

  • Find a Rainbow Conch chest behind Yomara’s house.

35. Clockwork Castle:

  • Solve a puzzle involving mirrors to access a Rainbow Conch chest.

36. Cloud Kingdom (Floating Island):

  • Explore Cloud Kingdom and find a chest in a unique floating island accessible by resting at the inn.

37. Air Elemental Skyland (Puzzles):

  • Solve puzzles involving mirrors to reach a hidden cave and a Rainbow Conch chest.

38. Kiln Mountain:

  • Push a boulder using the Mistral Bracelet to destroy stalagmites and access the Rainbow Conch chest.

39. Repine (Alleyway):

  • Find a Rainbow Conch chest at the end of a diagonal alleyway.

40. Repine (House):

  • Explore Repine and find a chest at the back left of a house.

41. Repine (Machine):

  • Feed the machine in Repine various foods to receive a Rainbow Conch as a reward.

42. Cerulean Expanse (Directions):

  • Follow specific directions to locate a hidden Rainbow Conch chest.

43. Cerulean Expanse (Rocks):

  • Find a chest in a secret area behind rocks.

44. Ancient Outpost (Time Key):

  • Use the Time Key to access a Rainbow Conch chest.

45. Spiritwind Island (Puzzle):

  • Solve the puzzle in the dungeon to access a Rainbow Conch chest.

46. Sunbaked Atoll (Boat Repair):

  • Help a villager repair a boat to receive a Rainbow Conch.

47. Sunbaked Atoll (Hidden Area):

  • Find a chest in a hidden area on the right side.

48. Flare Island (Mirror Puzzle):

  • Find a chest in Flare Island by solving a mirror puzzle.

49. Whispering Woods (Waterfall):

  • Locate a chest in a hidden area at the bottom of the waterfall.

50. Enigma Gorge (Mirror Puzzle):

  • Solve a puzzle involving mirrors and crystals to access a Rainbow Conch chest.

51. Elder Mist Trials:

  • Return to the Elder Mist Trials and enter the left Trial portal. Move a stone pillar using the Mistral Bracelet to reveal the chest behind it.

52. Mooncradle:

  • In Mooncradle, clear the pink thorns with the Mistral Bracelet, then speak to a villager in the barn building to receive a Rainbow Conch.

53. Mooncradle:

  • Clear leaf piles using the Mistral Bracelet, then speak to a blue-haired villager to obtain a Rainbow Conch.

54. Forbidden Cavern:

  • Inside the Forbidden Cavern from Mooncradle, move a stone pillar using the Mistral Bracelet to find the chest.

55. Moorlands:

  • Using the Mistral Bracelet, move a crystal pillar to reveal the Rainbow Conch chest.

56. Moorlands:

  • With the Cobalt Hammer, break a blue crystal formation from your first visit to Moorlands to access the chest.

57. Mirth:

  • Hand in 22 Rainbow Conches to Mirna, receive Fisherman’s Plans, build the Fishing Hut in Mirth, recruit a Fisherman from Mooncradle, then access the Fishing Hut and fish for a Rainbow Conch.

58. Sealed Docarri Ruins:

  • Follow a series of puzzles involving light prisms, mirrors, and valves to obtain three Docarri Seal Fragments. Defeat the Sea Slug boss to access the Rainbow Conch chest.

59. Half Sunken Tower:

  • Solve puzzles involving colours, symbols, flames, and journal clues to open a chest in the Half Sunken Tower and retrieve the Rainbow Conch.

60. Throne of the Queen That Was:

  • Follow Seria’s clues and the Cerulean Expedition story to reach the hidden Throne of the Queen That Was area in the Cerulean Expanse. Grab the final Rainbow Conch chest there.

You’ve done it! With these detailed guide, you’ve collected all 60 Rainbow Conches in Sea of Stars. Enjoy the rewards…

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