Sea of Stars: Abandoned Wizard's Lab Puzzle Guide & Chests

Sea of Stars: Abandoned Wizard’s Lab Puzzle Guide & Chests

Sea of Stars Abandoned Wizard's Lab puzzle solutions and collectible item locations like Treasure Chests and Rainbow Conches.

In this Sea of Stars guide, we’re covering the Abandoned Wizard’s Lab. You can find the puzzle solution for the Abandoned Wizard’s Lab and the locations of collectible items within the laboratory in our guide. Some of the items include: Treasure Chest, Rainbow Conches, and other items.

Sea of Stars Abandoned Wizard’s Lab

The Abandoned Wizard’s Lab is a location in Sea of Stars. The abandoned lab once belonged to a powerful wizard but has been abandoned since his death. However, it is still filled with monsters. It lies in the east of Sleeper Island and north of the Port Town of Brisk, and is the last location visited during the public demo.

Puzzle Solution

All the treasure chest timestamps are also in the video description. The order of the last 3 rewards will depend on which room you clear first (not tied to a color: 3rd crystal slot → Mage-Knight’s Armor → Rainbow Conch).

Treasure Checklist:

  • Green Crystal
  • Blue Crystal
  • Rainbow Conch
  • Red Crystal
  • Mage-Knight’s Armor
  • Rainbow Conch

Timestamps for Chests, Rainbow Conch and Items

  • 00:00 Chest #1 – Green Crystal
  • 00:20 Green Room
  • 00:55 Chest #2 – Blue Crystal
  • 00:12 Blue Room
  • 03:03 2nd Crystal Slot Unlocks
  • 03:29 Cyan Room (Green + Blue)
  • 03:39 Chest #3 – Rainbow Conch
  • 04:29 Chest #4 – Red Crystal
  • The next 3 rewards/chests will remain the same, just in a different order, depending on which rooms you clear first.
  • 05:04 Yellow Room (Green + Red)
  • 05:46 3rd Crystal Slot Unlocks
  • 06:20 Yellow Room (Blue + Red)
  • 07:07 Golden Watch
  • 07:26 Chest #5 – Mage-Knight’s Armor
  • 07:40 Red Room
  • 08:49 Chest #6 Rainbow Conch

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