RDR2 – Honor, Amongst Thieves Mission

Honor, Amongst Thieves is part of Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter six.

Gold Medal Checklist

  1. Recover the vaccine without being detected
  2. Complete within 5 minutes

Honor, Amongst Thieves Walkthrough

  • Ride with Captain Monroe to the intercept location.
  • Unmount your Horse when you reach a cliff overlooking the area the wagon will be passing.

CHOICE A: Steal the medicine from the wagon without killing the soldiers.
CHOICE B: Kill the soldiers before stealing the wagon.

  • Return to Captain Monroe with the Medicine from the Wagon.

Choose Which Method To Use When Stealing The Medicine

You will have a number of ways to steal the medicine. You can choose to sneak behind the cart, or kill the soldiers. Either way, you will still get the medicine, and return to Monroe so this is only a matter of preference.

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