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The Bridge to Nowhere is part of Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter six.

Gold Medal Checklist

  1. Plant the dynamite within 1 minute 35 seconds
  2. Escape the oncoming train within 19 seconds

Plant the Dynamite Under the Bridge Walkthrough

  • Meet John Marston at Bacchus Station.
  • Move the handcar onto the bridge.
  • Get the dynamite from the handcar and lower them to John by the side of the bridge.
  • Climb down and help John plant the dynamite in 3 locations under the bridge.

1. Follow The Prompts On Screen To Lower The Dynamite

To quickly lower the dynamite to John, there will be prompts on screen that will allow Arthur to carefully lower the dynamite to John. Just follow these alternating prompts to get the dynamite down faster.

2. Check The Minimap To Find Where To Plant The Dynamite

You will be able to see which pillars you need to place the dynamite by checking your minimap. There will be 3 locations to plant explosives so check the minimap to place all of them quickly.

Avoid A Train Accident & Blow Up The Bridge Walkthrough

  • Quickly get back up the bridge and onto the handcar.
  • Help John move the handcar to the other side of the bridge.
  • Jump off as soon as the handcar reaches the other side.
  • Use the plunger next to John to blow up the bridge.

1. Time Your Button Presses To Move The Handcar Faster

When moving the handcar back to the other side of the bridge, it will not budge if you time your button presses wrong. Push down the assigned button when Arthur pushes down the cart, and release when he moves the bar back up.

2. Don’t Let The Train Catch You

*You will fail the mission if the train runs over the handcar while John and Arthur are still on it.

Best to get the handcar to the other side of the bridge as soon as possible.

The Bridge to Nowhere is completed.

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