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Ready or Not Map Guide

Safely execute raids in Ready or Not with our guide. Utilize detailed information and maps for a secure and strategic approach to the mission.

If you are looking for a safe way to carry out the raid at Ready or Not, you can take advantage of the details and map in our guide.

This is the guide [BLK] Telu it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Ready or Not Map Guide

This Ready or Not Map guide try to show the safest path to take to complete the raid the safest way.

Level 1 – Gas Station

For this level, i suggest :

  • to start by checking the “Site 2”. Most of the time, there is a suspect here to neutralize.
  • Enter by the right side of the building, from the “freezer room”.
  • Clean the front store.
  • Go to the “office” from the left (Toilets) or the right (Veteran) side from the store front to the diner
  • Clean the office area
  • Clean the diner if there is a suspect left.

Outside : It’s pretty safe, apart “Site 2” where there is sometimes a suspect. You can take a look into the store front, sometimes, you see a suspect in the store front. You can also take a look in the diner, to see if you see a suspect. Be careful, the freezer door have a glass, meaning, a suspect can see you.

Site 2 : This location is pretty safe apart when a suspect is around. You can easily take him down. You can breach into the toilets area from Site 2. But you will make noise and suspects can come to you from different 3 doors. So, you will be pretty exposed in a deadly corridor.

Freezer : Best entrance in the building. Be careful of your steps, a suspect can hear you. If it’s the case, he will go out to shoot you.

Store front : Be careful, there is sometimes a suspect at the cash register. He can shoot you through the glass. The cash register path is dangerous because you need to check different angles at the same time.

Office – Toilets room : Be careful, you are expose, there is two doors (Diner + Office). If you can, you should block one of them to focus on the other one. Usually, if a suspect is in the diner, he will come to you.

Office – Veteran side : This is pretty safe, it’s the best path to raid the office area. If you know than the suspect is in the diner on this side, it’s a good idea to go taking him down. But risky as you are exposed in the diner if you go further than the dead dog.

Office – Kitchen : Be careful, there is a glass in the kitchen, it is dangerous to go through the kitchen by the “diner cash register” because you can be shoot at from the diner in the back. The path along the wall is safer.

Office – Main room : If you come from the toilets, it’s best to come from the lockers. Because, every threats are in front of you. If you come from the kitchen, don’t stay too long in this room, you are pretty expose.

Office – Administration : It is pretty safe around here. Just be careful if you go in the cash register room of the front store, you are expose from the glass.

Office – Storage : Be careful here, there is glass, suspects in the diner can shoot you in the back through the glass. You are exposed by the door leading to the cash register of the diner. Don’t stay there too long.

Diner – Cash register room : Be careful here, you are expose a lot, best is to avoid this room at all cost.

Diner – Main room : This place is dangerous because you are expose a lot, lack of cover. It’s better if you know where the suspect is before going in. I do not advice to go in the diner from the back door, because you have too many corner to check. You are pretty vulnerable in this room.

Written by [BLK] Telu

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