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Town of Salem 2 Ghost Points Printing Walkthrough

Unlock Ghost Points in the town of Salem 2 with our guide. Learn crucial information on how to earn and utilize these important in-game currencies.

Points are the currencies in the town of Salem 2. It is very important in Ghost Points. If you want to learn how to print them, you can use the information in our guide.

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Town of Salem 2 Ghost Points Printing Walkthrough

This guide will show you detailed about how to print ghost points.

Ghost Points Explanation

Ghost points are a useless currency in Town of Salem 2. They are used exclusively to play one of two minigames while dead:

  • Death Roll, a game of chance
  • Death Guess, a game of reading who dies next

Only Death Roll will be relevant for this guide!

Ghost Point Printing Walkthrough

Printing Preparation

You will need:

1) A willing rando, friend, or someone you know will disconnect soon
2) As many Ghost Points you can challenge someone for, up to 9999 ghost points

While printing in public lobbies is possible, it is easier for you to hop into a custom lobby for an optimal printing environment.

Ghost Point Printing Walkthrough

The Printing

  • Step 1: Challenge your printer to a game of ghost roll
  • Step 2: The printer does not decline OR accept the challenge
  • Step 3: Before the challenge times out, the printer disconnects from the game

The game will now treat the challenger as if they had won a game of death roll and will receive double the points back. Repeat for massive profits!

Ghost Point Printing Walkthrough

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