One-armed robber How to Rob Jewelry Store

What do you need to rob a jewelry store in One-armed robber where you are tasked with robbing various places? Which path should you follow? Check out our guide for information on the answers to all these questions.

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One-armed robber How to Rob Jewelry Store

This guide will show you detailed about how to rob jewelry store in the game.

Raw Tutorial

  • Level 2
  • Suppressed pistol equipped (Loadout > Pistol > Modify > Muzzle > Suppressor)
  • Completed the stealth tutorial
  • Lockpick in inventory

Step 1: Infiltrate the Jewelry Store

1. Head to the back of the jewelry store.
2. Crouch behind the guard and wait for him to rotate.
3. Lockpick the door; inside, find a camera and the registry to disable the guard’s radio.
4. After lockpicking, silently take down the guard and answer his pager.

Step 2: Navigate Upstairs

5. Run near the table to avoid the camera.
6. Use a lockpick to unlock the door upstairs.
7. Continue to lockpick the door.

Step 3: Secure the Security Room

8. Open the door on the left; take down the guard inside.
9. Move to the security room on the right; neutralize the camera operator.

Step 4: Retrieve Keycards and Access the Vault

10. Head to the office; retrieve the vault keycard.
11. Before opening the vault, grab the green keycard in the second room.
12. Open the downstairs room, disable the powerbox.
13. Use the lockpick to enter the vault silently; avoid drilling.

Step 5: Plunder the Vault

14. Loot everything from the jewelry vault; there’s additional money upstairs.
15. Optionally, you can go loud now to grab cash from the entrance, but it will make the mission loud.
16. Expect around 60k rewards (80k if you did the entrance).

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