Ready or Not Officer Trait Stats

You can find the new features of officers in Ready or Not and the statistics of these features in the details in our guide.

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Ready or Not Officer Trait Stats

This guide will show you the exact stats for Officers’ new Traits, as well as how effective they are when stacked on multiple officers at a time.

Officer Traits

All information taken from the game’s files.

  • Kicker: Allows both The Player and SWAT AI to Kick all doors down in one kick.
  • Effect only applies once.
  • Paramedic: Changes a SWAT AI’s “Killed In Action” status to “Hospitalised” instead.
  • Effect stacks. (1, 2, 3, 4 Officers may be saved per mission. The Player won’t be saved.)
  • Bugged and doesn’t always work.
  • Breacher: Damages Civilian and Suspect Morale more when using Door Kick, Battering Ram, Breaching Shotgun, and C2.
  • Effect stacks. (+25%, +50%, +65%, +75% more Morale Damage from Breaching Methods.)
  • Intimidator: The Player’s & SWAT AI’s presence alone damages Civilian and Suspect Morale. The Player or SWAT AI must be seen for this to take effect.
  • Effect stacks twice. (+50%, +100% more morale Damage from presence.)
  • Morale Officer: Arresting Civilians & Suspects Alive (NOT Unconscious or Dead) will heal more Stress for SWAT AI.
  • Effect stacks. (+50%, +100%, +130%, +150% Stress Healed.)
  • Negotiator: Increases chance of Civilian and Suspects surrendering on Compliance Yells from both The Player and SWAT AI.
  • Effect stacks. (+25%, +50%, +55%, +60% Surrender Chance from Compliance Yell.)
  • Pacifier: Increases Morale Damage of Beanbags, Pepperballs, Pepper Spray, Tazers, and Grenades for both The Player and SWAT AI. No Effect on Breaching Methods.
  • Effect stacks. (+25%, +50%, +55%, +60% Less-Than-Lethal Morale Damage.)
  • *Note Tazers always remove 100% Morale from their Target in most situations. Other situations being if a Suspect is near fellow, not-arrested Suspects.
  • Riot Control: Increases Stun Duration from Grenades and Less-Than-Lethal Ammo for both The Player and SWAT AI.
  • Effect stacks. (+33%, +66%, +75%, +80% Stun Duration.)
  • SBAGS: Reduces Stress Gain for SWAT AI from Civilians and Suspects being killed or falling unconscious. No effect on Watt Community College.
  • Effect stacks. (-20%, -35%, -40%, -50% Stress Gained from casualties.)
  • Veteran: Reduces Bullet Spread and Improves Reaction Time for SWAT AI.
  • Effect stacks. (+15%, +30%, +35%, +40% Tighter Bullet Spread & Faster Reaction Time.)

Officer Traits – Armorer & Nutritionist

Thanks to MMMM (O_O) over on the Ready or Not Discord for helping me expand this section with more information revolving around these two Traits specifically as well as providing the Ready or Not: Mechanics, Damage & Suspects Spreadsheet. Thanks for the mention!

This section will go in-depth into how both traits function, and how much of a benefit they are under real gameplay circumstances.

  • Armorer: +100% Ceramic Armor, Ballistic Mask, and Helmet Durability for both The Player and SWAT AI. Has no effect on Steel or Kevlar.
  • Effect only applies once.
  • *Further Context: Ceramic Plates have a durability of 4, Ballistic Masks have a durability of 2, and Helmets have a durability of 1. Armorer improves this to 8, 4, and 2 respectively.

Ceramic Plates, Ballistic Masks and Helmets block all damage until broken.
Only Ceramic Plates continue to provide a 40% Damage Reduction after being broken.

Helmets have a 25% Chance of deflecting bullets, even after being broken. This causes no damage to the player or Durability remaining.
Ballistic Visors have a 33% Chance of deflecting bullets.

The amount of Durability Damage inflicted per caliber is as follows:

  • In order of least damaging to most damaging.
  • .45 ACP rounds deal 0.3 Damage.
    9mm & 10mm rounds deal 0.5 Damage.
  • 12 Gauge Buckshot deals 0.125 x 8 for every pellet that hits the armour (1 Total).
  • And all other calibers deal 1 Durability Damage per bullet.
  • Simplified, with Armorer your armor can survive:
  • Helmets will survive at least 6 .45ACP Rounds, 4 9/10mm Rounds, and 2 Rifle Rounds.
  • Ballistic Masks will survive at least 12 .45ACP Rounds, 8 9/10mm Rounds, and 4 Rifle Rounds.
  • Ceramic Plates (Each Plate) will survive 26 .45ACP Rounds, 16 9/10mm Rounds, and 8 Rifle Rounds. That’s a lot of damage you can shrug off before getting minced.

Now moving onto Nutritionist…

  • Nutritionist: Increases both The Player and SWAT AI’s Health.
  • Effect stacks. (+25%, +30%, +33%, +35% more Health.)
  • *For reference: The Player and SWAT AI have 160HP. This is increased to 200HP, 208HP, 212.8HP, 215HP respectively.

Both The Player and SWAT AI will fall unconscious reaching 50% or less Health.
Your effective Health Pool is 80, 100, 104, 106.4 and 107.5. You’ll still “bleed” and be considered dead in the mission screen.

  • These weapons have their damage reduced by 50% from Kevlar. For headshot values, times by 3.
  • 12 Gauge Buckshot deal 40 – 35 (Point Blank – Far Range) damage per pellet.
  • The Makarov and AK102/103 deal 50 – 40 Damage.
  • 9mm Rounds deal 80 – 35 Damage.
  • .45 ACP & 10mm Rounds deal 100 – 60 Damage.
  • These weapons have their damage reduced by 70% from Steel. Spalling deals an additional 1 Damage that ignores damage reduction.
  • The P250 and FiveSeveN deal 80 – 45 Damage.
  • 5.56x39mm Rounds deal 132.5 – 107.5 Damage.
  • .300BLK Rounds & SLR47 deal 145 – 112.5 Damage.
  • The M14 Rifle and .357 Magnum deal 175 – 105 Damage.
  • The SA58 & FAL deal 180 – 135 Damage.

Unused Officer Traits

Traits that are currently in the files, but are for now unused.

  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal: Bomb Objectives take longer to explode.
  • Effect stacks. (+1, +2, +3, +4 more minutes on Bomb Objectives.)
  • Border Patrol: SWAT AI automatically discover hiding Civilians and Suspects when entering a room.
  • Effect only applies once.

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