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Yeti Clue Locations in GTA 5 Online (Yeti Hunt Event)

Everything you need to know about the GTA 5 Yeti Hunt event!

We’re explaining how to participate in the GTA 5 Yeti Hunt event and acquire the Yeti outfit. Additionally, you need to follow five clues to locate the Yeti. Below, you can find the locations on the map for each clue.

GTA 5 Yeti Hunt Event & Yeti Clues

It’s the festive season in GTA Online, and guess what? It’s time for some yeti hunting fun! Let’s kick off the new yeti hunt event and discover where those 5 elusive clues are hiding. We’ll also spill the beans on when the yeti makes its grand appearance, so you can snag that brand-new yeti outfit just in time for Christmas.

How to Start the Yeti Hunt Event

To kick off the GTA Online Yeti Hunt mission, a prerequisite for snagging the Yeti Outfit, head towards the general search area. We’ll delve deeper into the specifics in the next part, where we’ll pinpoint the locations of all the clues. For now, just make your way towrds Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. Once you’re close enough, an alert will pop up in the upper left corner, along with a text from Tanner. Open the map, and you’ll spot the general search area, where you’ll need to visit five specific locations each serving as evidence of a rampaging Yeti in Chiliad.

Starting GTA 5 Yeti Hunt Event
Yeti Hunt Mission

How to Find Yeti

To find the Yeti in GTA 5, you first need to follow the clues. After initiating the Yeti Hunt mission, five clues related to the yeti will appear on the map. Start by locating these clues in different locations. Once you’ve found these hints, you’ll discover the whereabouts of the yeti. Below, we’ve detailed where to find each clue.

5 Yeti Clue Locations in GTA 5

1. Yeti Clue 1: The Overturned Car Under the Bridge

  • Start your journey in the southeast corner of the national park, along the river road. Look for an overturned car under a bridge.
  • Screenshots provided for exact location.
  • Continue west, and when the road turns north, spot a knocked-over tree on your left. Investigate this area.

2. Yeti Clue 2: Mauled Deer at the Riverbank

  • Head west, and you’ll come across a mauled deer at the riverbank.
  • Screenshots available for precise identification.
  • Proceed north and slightly east to find an abandoned, bloodied tent on top of a hill. Investigate this eerie location.

3. Yeti Clue 3: Abandoned Bloodied Tent

  • Explore the hilltop and uncover the mystery behind the abandoned, bloodied tent.

4. Yeti Clue 4: Crashed Car and Bloodied Shirt

  • Move east of the previous clue to find another crashed car. Investigate the bloodied shirt right next to it.
  • Detailed instructions and screenshots provided.

5. Yeti Clue 5: Encounter with the Yeti

  • The fifth and final Chiliad Wilderness Yeti outfit clue location is to the east of the previous one. It’s yet another crashed car, but what you need to investigate is the bloodied shirt right next to it.

Conclude your journey by strolling through the region between 9 pm and 6 am (21:00 – 06:00), and behold, the Yeti will materialize on your map. At this point, your only task is to eliminate the Yeti, and voila, your outfit will be unlocked and ready in your closet.

How to Defeat Yeti in GTA 5

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