Red Dead Online – Meet Clay Davies Walkthrough [Online]

Table of Contents Show Meet Clay Davies Walkthrough2. Honor Among Horse Thieves Is a Multiplayer Mission5. […]

Meet Clay Davies Walkthrough

1. After getting the treasure, mount your horse and ride out to meet Clay Davies
2. When you get to Clay Davies, approach him to start the mission
3. After the cutscene, ride out to the outpost
4. When you reach the outpost, clear out all the enemies
5. After clearing the outpost, go to the stables & steal a horse by riding on one
6. Once on the stolen horse, ride back to the stable
7. When you reach the stable, a cutscene will start with Clay Davies
8. Within the cutscene, you’ll be able to rename and manage the horse you’ve stolen

Description for Steps:

2. Honor Among Horse Thieves Is a Multiplayer Mission

In this part of the tutorial, you need to matchmake with other players to activate the mission. This will be the first multi-player mission in Red Dead Online.

5. The Horse You Steal Is The Horse You Get

Be careful about the horse you steal in the stable – whichever you ride and bring to Clay Davies is the first horse you’ll get in Red Dead Online.

6. Enemies Will Chase After You When You Steal A Horse

Enemies will try to shoot you down once you’ve stolen a horse and ridden out of the outpost. Keep your guns handy and shoot them down before they can hurt you.

6. Work Together To Keep Horses Alive

If any of the horses you or your team has stolen dies, the mission will fail. Work together with your teammates to keep all horses alive to succeed in this mission.

8. Manage and Rename Horse

During the cutscene with Clay Davies, he’ll give you back the horse you’ve stolen. This will be your first horse in the game so make sure to take your time in managing it.

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