Red Dead Online – Clear Out Hideout in Rio Bravo Guide [Online]

Clear Out Hideout in Rio Bravo Walkthrough

1. Once you’ve regained control, mount your horse and ride out to Benedict Point Train Station
2. When you reach the train station, go inside the building to find and talk to the post clerk to start a cutscene
3. After the cutscene, leave the building and mount up on your horse
4. Follow your mini-map and ride out to Rio Bravo
5. When you get to Rio Bravo, search for the hideout
6. Clear out the hideout of outlaws
7. Once you’ve cleared out the hideout, you’ll find a man inside the tent – are faced with a

Make your Choice

  • Choice A: Take The Map
  • Choice B: Kill The Bandit

8. After making your decision, open the map & check the location of the treasure
9. Ride out to the location of the treasure
10. Once you arrive at the treasure location on the map, search for the treasure chest
11. Open the treasure chest once you find it to get items

Description for Steps:

2. Get Catalogue For Shopping

After talking to the post clerk, you’ll get the catalogue. This is used to order items and have them delivered to your camp.

5. Check The Sky For Camp Fire Smoke

You can easily locate the hideout by checking the sky and spotting the trail of camp fire. Head towards the smoke’s direction to find the hideout.

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